Extalia! is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 06/11/2011
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Natsu and Wendy are thrown into jail, where they're informed that Lucy might be executed while Happy and Charle are said to have returned to Extalia to celebrate their successful mission, which, to everyone's surprise, including an unbeknownst Happy and Charle, was to lead their respective Dragon Slayers into Edolas to be exterminated.

Plot Summary

A chained Lucy awaiting execution
A chained Lucy awaiting execution

Natsu and Wendy are thrown into a prison cell by Hughes and the Royal Army with the former asking where everyone is to which Wendy elaborates saying that he meant Lucy, Charle and Happy. Hughes then replies that Lucy may be executed since she is considered useless. Upon hearing this, Natsu, in anger, bangs his head against the bars and threatens them not to touch her unless they'd want to be turned into ashes. Wendy then inquires about Happy and Charle with Hughes telling her that the two returned to Extalia, their homeland, where they are probably having a big feast for completing their duty. Wendy retorts saying that she doesn't believe him since Charle abandoned her mission. But to her surprise, Hughes responds that on the contrary, she had fulfilled it quite well. Shocked, Wendy asks him what was her duty.

Edolas Gajeel is seriously denied an interview
Edolas Gajeel is seriously denied an interview

Meanwhile at the town square of the capital, Edolas Gajeel jots down notes in his notepad near the giant lacrima which draws the attention of the Royal Army soldiers. After asking who he is, he answers that he's a journalist who just wants an interview following the King's ceremony but is rejected of his request and is told to leave. However, before he does, he asks them whether this is the northern end of the plaza and whether guards are also stationed at the southern end. Despite no response from the soldiers, he apologizes for his disturbance and walks away with an accomplished smile. He is then seen approaching the southern end of the plaza where he looks up and gives Gajeel (whose hiding from view) an assured look.

Extalia, the land of the Exceeds
Extalia, the land of the Exceeds

Elsewhere, Happy and Charle wake up in a first class bedroom where they are greeted and escorted by Nichiya and Nady to meet with the Queen of the Exceeds. As they walk down the town streets, Happy and Charle observe the hundreds of cats around them, with the former remarking that they're in a land of cats. As the spectators celebrate their heroes for completing their duty on Earthland, Charle merely walks on in a depressed state, feeling guilty for the recent events involving Wendy, Natsu and Lucy. As they continue, Nady tells Happy that they are not cats but Exceeds who rule over and guide the humans and that they are currently in the kingdom of the Exceeds, Extalia.

The giant lacrima stationed in the Royal City's plaza
The giant lacrima stationed in the Royal City's plaza

Back at the town square, Edolas Gajeel approaches a soldier from behind and starts to converse with him, confirming that he is in the south end and asking whether the east and west end of the plaza must be well guarded to which the soldier answers that there is no need since there is no place for anyone suspicious to hide in those areas. After learning this he begins to analyze the situation, stating that only the north and south end of the plaza are heavily guarded with less people in the north because the ceremony is expected to take place in the south side of the lacrima. He then points his finger to the other side, signaling Gajeel to go to the other end.

Nichiya and Nady escorting Happy and Charle to the Queen
Nichiya and Nady escorting Happy and Charle to the Queen

Upon reaching the Queen's palace, Nady and Nichiya lead Happy and Charle down its corridors, with Nady telling them that humans are foolish and horrible beings who have to be kept in line and that this is where the Queen controls them. He adds that they can't let their numbers grow too much, hence she kills those she considers worthless. Happy asks why and Nady explains that its to rectify the vanishing magic situation. In time, he continues, the Queen will be able to control not only the humans of Edolas but also Earthland. Nichiya joins and says that she has every right to determine the death of humans because she is a god. Meanwhile, Gajeel and his Edolas counterpart watch as the kingdom prepares for the magic extraction of the giant lacrima.

Happy learns his own horrifying truth
Happy learns his own horrifying truth

Charle then suddenly stops and asks what their duty is. She explains that it has been planted in her mind ever since she was born and then begins to recall some fragments of it such as voices telling her to exterminate the Dragon Slayer Wendy. Shocked, Happy asks her what this all means but then suddenly realizes that he was meant to exterminate Natsu. Meanwhile, Natsu and Wendy are left speechless as Hughes revealed to them what Happy and Charle had just learned. Outside the prison, loud cheers can be heard as the ceremony commences the magic extraction of the lacrima.

Exceed eggs sent to Earthland to find and lead the Dragon Slayers into Edolas
Exceed eggs sent to Earthland to find and lead the Dragon Slayers into Edolas

With Happy unable to fathom this new knowledge, Charle tells their escorts that they didn't complete their duty since they never had the intention to do it. Nichiya then states that its perhaps memory loss with Nady adding that "over-writing" has its side effects. Charle then demands answers with Nady explaining that as part of the Queen's human control project, a hundred Exceed eggs were sent to Earthland 6 years ago and that once hatched, they would search for a Dragon Slayer and carry around with them information to exterminate them. But the situation changed whereby instead of killing those from Earthland, they decided to use their magic power, with Dragon Slayers being the most valuable ones. Hence, because of this shift in plans, their duty was changed by emergency order to lead the Dragon Slayers to Edolas. Upon learning the terrifying truth, Hughes explains to Wendy and Natsu that what they really wanted was their dragon magic power. Charle and Happy then begin to break down in tears over this shocking revelation.

Gajeel strikes the giant lacrima
Gajeel strikes the giant lacrima

With the extraction ceremony underway, Gajeel thinks to himself that he has to hurry but hesitates to do so in such a huge crowd. Edolas Gajeel, realizing the bind his counterpart is facing, takes out a mechanism and uses it to shoot fireworks that spells the word "North" in the sky. Taking his cue, Gajeel tells the guards that there's someone in the north trying to take the lacrima causing more than half the guards to head in that direction and forcing the remaining ones to push the crowd back. With his plan a success, Gajeel strikes the lacrima with his Dragon Slayer magic, causing it to release a strong pink glow, prompting a confusing look on his face.

Happy displays his anger
Happy displays his anger

Nady ends his explanation saying that the long distance order over-writing wasn't transmitted properly but it did not matter since everything worked out. Charle then begins to counter this saying that she came to Edolas under her own free will and that she led them through the underground tunnel to save their friends. She added that she loved Wendy and that she only wanted to protect her to which Nady states that that was just a delusion whereby their orders were just changed from "exterminate" to "lead" her here, thus it switched to "you mustn't kill". Charle then screams that its all a lie, but Nichiya reassures her that she was just following their orders. Happy, who begins to recall all his cherished and happy memories with Natsu, yells out that they're not their puppets but wizards of Fairy Tail.

Points of Interest

  • Edolas Gajeel aids Gajeel in reaching the giant lacrima.
  • Happy and Charle (as well as Natsu and Lucy) learn about the true objective of their duty: to lead the Dragon Slayers into Edolas to extract their magic and use it for their own purposes.
  • Happy and Charle step foot on their home soil (Extalia) for the very first time.
  • Nady and Nichiya make their first appearance.
  • Nichiya is Ichiya's Edolas counterpart, which is the only person known to have a cat or an "Exceed" as their alternate version.
  • The Queen of the Exceed is believed to be a god who has the right to decide the death of a human and rule over them.
  • Hughes tells Natsu and Wendy that Lucy is expected to be executed.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Edolas Gajeel played an important role in helping Gajeel find and free some of their friends from the lacrima. In the manga, Gajeel's counterpart was never mentioned.
  • Unlike the manga, Happy has flashbacks of Natsu and him during their adventures (Nirvana Arc, Phantom Arc...).

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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