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Explosion is a anime/manga concept
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Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit are a mystical fruit that can give the user, when eaten strange, but Interesting abilities. They are rare to find throughout the Grand Line, in One Piece.

Exploding Tag

Exploding Tag are specially created paper scrolls that can be set to create a massive explosion when triggered.


The F.L.E.I.J.A. is a nuclear fission bomb that uses the mineral Sakuradite. It was invented by Nina Einstein.

Magical Item

They can be transformation items, weapons, or just about anything else-- but they are all magical!


A powerful robot from the future that was created by the Glorft and was stolen by the humans to use against them. It was sent back in time and was found and repaired by Coop.


Throws a bunch of rockets to his enemy.

Mustang's Gloves

Mustang's Gloves are made of a special type of fabric called ignition cloth that create a spark and allow him to use his fire alchemy without having to draw a transmutation circle.


The Smasher is Z's weapon of choice, it made from Sea Stone

Sword of Light

The Sword of Light is a magical weapon held in the Gabriev family for generations.


Swordbreaker is a lost ship

Ten Commandments Sword

This is Haru's main weapon that houses the Rave Stones and changes its abilities according to different Rave Stones.


A Zanpakuto is a sword wielded by a Soul Reapers to destroy Hollows. They can appear to be many different styles of swords or bladed weapon.

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