Expectations is an anime episode of Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar that was released on 11/20/2009
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
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Dagmyer devises a plot that will let him not only kill Kenshi, but also steal Lashara's ship. Now Lashara and her friends must foil Dagmyer's plans. As if that weren't enough, they must also come up with a way to win over the warrior-like King Shurifon.
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Plot Summary

Theme Music
OpeningKono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita
EndingSora to Kimi no Message

Babalun and his small army have infiltrated the Holy Land and wreaked havoc on its structure. He has what he came for which is the Gaia Shield. Doll is in Kenshi’s room with clear feelings of sadness.

Everyone one of the evacuees have been given rooms on the ships of Lashara and Maria. After witnessing Kenshi in the Seikijin; all the women want him to be their husband. Chiaia is still struggling to come to terms with Dagmyer’s actions. It leads her to wonder the grounds of the Swan. She is confronted by Emera who has a message for her from Dagmyer. Lashara, the Principle and Wan have congregated to find a way to get their land back. Lashara is forced to answer to why Kenshi is a Seikishi. Her response is the truth; he is from another world.

Wan helps Kenshi learn certain expects of piloting a Seikijin. She is teaching him how to compress matter into bullets. He seemed to have mastered it instantly which shocks Wan. Nervously on looking is Chiaia with what appears to be troublesome thoughts.

During the night she appears in Kenshi’s tent with a blade while he sleeps. It turns out; the message from Dagmyer was a request to kill Kenshi. He uses his charm and his words that seem to work. She holds the blade above Kenshi’s chest. She is fighting herself whether to do it or not. After deciding to reject Dagmyer’s request she leaves Kenshi’s tent. Lashara is waiting outside wondering why she never did it. She explains of his good intentions and that he always does things even after her telling him not to. Even when sleeping Kenshi apologies to her for the things he’s done. She comments on Dagmyer’s smile, how it always gets through to her. Lashara sees it as a fake smile. Chiaia walks away in despair.

In the morning when Lashara wakes up she is informed that Chiaia has left on an airbike presumably going to Dagmyer. When arriving at Dagmyer’s tent she tries her best to convince him to stop because he will die otherwise. She cannot convince him and over a communication device Lashara communes with him about having no regret on fighting him because of his pathetic reasons for his part in the war. Lashara has also followed Chiaia with the Swan. Unfortunately, Dagmyer was prepared and created a machine that consume all Ena making it impossible for the Swan ship to fly. They send steam powered Seikishi to the Swan. Gloating enough to let their guard down. Wan is prepared with her Kikkoujin which is powered by gun powered. They focus their attack on her. All the while Kenshi has moved around the land while Dagmyer think he has the upper hand. He takes out guards that are by Dagmyer fairly easily. Dagmyer tries to shoot, but Chiaia throws someone into him to stop him hitting Kenshi. They soon leave.

Taking a detour Kenshi gets into his Seikijin, which Wan adapted into a steam powered robot. He uses the knowledge of what Wan thought him to compress the matter of a rock into a bullet form to destroy the machines holding the Swan down. Dagmyer’s men try to stop him but are not good enough and quickly put aside.

The Swan prepares to counterattack but are stopped by a black Seikijin. Is it also holding the Gaia Shield. The Swan instead of attacking sees the Gaia Shield and retreats. Doll who is piloting shows no intention of chasing them. Dagmyer demands she chase him. Doll then treats him.

Chiaia apologises to Lashara, Lashara accepts but will not forgive her next time. Lashara has a plan to use Kenshi to get other countries to join her. After they will have witnessed Kenshi battle so many enemy Seikishi, they will all want to have Kenshi in their families.

Chiaia is waiting for the right time to apologies to Kenshi but cannot seem to step forward. Lashara who is hiding behind her surprises her, telling her to hurry up and apologies to him. She awkwardly runs off.

The Swan arrives in Shurifon, the home land of Aura Shurifon. Also the home of the Dark Elves. To gain the help from the Dark Elves, Lashara’s land will be co-owned by the Shurifon until it can pay back the cost of what the war will do to them. Lashara sends Kenshi on a mission.

Lashara requests Aura give her king and father a recommendation to join her in the war. Aura wonders why Kenshi never told her that he is a Seikishi. She believed he might be trying to trick her. Lashara suggest she remember his face and figure it out herself. After reminiscing, she laughs off her doubts.

King Shurifon leaning towards not helping Lashara in the war. Even if Kenshi is as powerful and worthy as they say. Aura suggests that he see it first-hand.

The mission Kenshi was given was to find Aura’s body guards who are also friends with Kenshi. So they can show them around an event Lashara predicted they would have to go on in order for the King to see how worthy Kenshi is. They show him the key areas to avoid and enter.

During the night Kenshi sneaks out to see if there are any crystals in this land. Only to be stopped by a waiting Chiaia. He begrudgingly returns to his room, but before he does Chiaia tries to apologies to him. She sees the Necklace she repaired after breaking it. Remembering the significant of a red necklace between two people. She does not mind him wearing it now and wishes him well for the tournament.

In the morning everyone is placing their bets on the King while Lashara puts hers on Kenshi to win. The tournament begins and the King has taken a remarkable lead. When he reaches the first checkpoint he finds out he is actually in second place to Kenshi. The King avoids all the perils inside the forest that lead to the second checkpoint. He can see that the traps have not been triggered. When reaching the second checkpoint he is told he is still in second position. He asks if there are any signs of him cheating. They deny he is.

When reaching the third is still yet to pass Kenshi. On his way to the fourth he comes across two of his men tangled in traps. They inform the king they were like this before they knew it. Finally he arrives at the finishing line expecting Kenshi to have already finished. He is told by Aura he has not yet arrived. Lashara throws her betting tickets in the air from anger. Then Kenshi appears. It appears that Kenshi, while moving through the forest was picking up ingredients for food. For one last test, King suddenly chargers with a blade at Kenshi which Kenshi easily stops while taking the blade from him. When witnessing it first-hand he declares Kenshi the winner.

While they exchange pleasantries, the Koro voice their concern which is usually an alarm for danger. Dagmyer and his men arrive. Doll also appears.

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Koji Yoshikawa Director
Hajime Watanabe Character Artist/Designer
Masaki Kajishima Original Concept A freelance animator whose name is most often found on the production credits of works by the AIC studio.
Akifumi Tada Music


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