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Exorcists is a anime/manga concept
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Akihiko Chuuzenji

One of the main characters in Mouryou no Hako series.

Allen Walker

A 15-year-old, whose left arm can transform into a monstrous claw and destroy akuma. As ordered by his master General Cross Marian, Allen becomes an Exorcist for the Black Order which is an organization attempting to stop the Millennium Earl.


A new villain in D. Gray Man he is a living innocence obessod to protect the heart and one of the top villains of the series.

Arthur Auguste Angel

Arthur is the successor to Shiro as the next Paladin in the Blue Exorcist franchise.

Arystar Krory III

Aleister Crowley Is a exorcist with vampire-type abilities. After being exposed to Akuma blood, his innocence made him thirst for it, like blood to a vampire.

Chaoji Han

An exorcist whose innocence takes the form of linked bracelets that give him great strength.

Cloud Nyne

Cloud Nyne is the only female general in The Black Order

Cross Marian

Cross is a general of The Black Order who is Allen Walker's master. Cross has the unique ability to convert Akuma to do his bidding.

Daisya Barry

Daisya is an exorcist of the Black Order.

Froi Tiedoll

One of the five generals in the Black Order.


A member of the Black Order since its establishment. Innocence found during missons is usually kept inside of her.

Howard Link

An inspector sent to watch over Allen Walker.

Igor Neuhaus

An Upper First Class Exorcist who is a lecturer in the Academy. He is a tamer and has Aria incantations and many magic circles tattooed on both of his arms.

Kevin Yeegar

The Oldest Exorcist General of the Black Order and was the first target of the Noah Family, who believed his Innocence to be the fabled Heart.

Konekomaru Miwa

Konekomaru is a bald monk and an exorcist of the Blue Exorcist franchise.



Lavi is an exorcist and member of the Black Order. He is very cheerful. He aims to be a bookman one day. He loves to tease Allen very often.

Lenalee Lee

The heroine of D.Gray-Man. She is a very sweet 16-year-old lady with dark green hair and purple eyes. She is the very first exorcist that has a crystal type innocence. She is the sister of the chieftain of Europe's Black Order and seems to have feelings for Allen Walker.

Mana Tatsumiya

Mana Tatsumiya is a member of Negi's class 3-A, and is a skilled mercenary who specializes in guns as well as a priestess at Tatsumiya Shrine.

Meme Oshino

A rather knowledgeable man in the super-natural, he helped Koyomi Araragi become human again. He is a bit eccentric.

Mephisto Pheles

Mephisto is the chairman of True Cross Academy. He was also an exorcist who work together with Rin.

Millenear Shephield

Secondary character in Rebirth. Exorcist of the Vatican who is turned into a vampire after facing a life or death situation.

Miranda Lotto

Miranda became an exorcist after Allen Walker, and Lenalee Lee helped her stop the repeat of time in her town.

Noise Marie

A seemingly blind exorcist who has a anti-akuma weapon which gives him incredible hearing.

Renzo Shima

Renzo Shima is a spy of the Illuminati.

Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi is a gardener in Amahara Garden. She is a good friend of Rin and in the same class as he is.

Shiro Fujimoto

Fujimoto was the guardian of both Rin and Yukio Okumura before he sacrificed himself in order to save Rin from Satan. He was also considered to be one of the most powerful Exorcist in the world.

Shura Kirigakure

Shura is an expert swordswoman and an apprentice of Fujimoto Shiro. She is an Upper First Class Exorcist and a mentor of Rin Okumura.

Suman Dark

Suman Dark is an exorcist. He is a member of The Black Order.


He is a student of True Cross Academy in the Blue Exorcist Franchise.

Timothy Hearst

A young exorcist found in an orphanage. He has the power to possess akuma and use them as weapons.

Winters Sokaro

The most violent of the five Black Order generals.

Yuu Kanda

Stubborn and ill tempered, Kanda is an exorcist that works for the Black Order. He isn't on friendly terms with most of the other exorcists, claiming that they would just get in his way. He has a sworn promise not to be killed until he finds a certain person.

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