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Group of people who uses the power of Innocence to battle the akuma and the Noahs. It can also describe people who are skilled in getting rid of evil spirits and demons.


Exorcists are people who banish demons and vengeful spirits that possessed people.

Major Franchises

  • Blue Exorcists

  • D. Gray Man

Minor Franchises

None so far.

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Blue Exorcists (Major)

Exorcists have a wide range of application in the Blue Exorcist franchise. They are priests, monks, shamans, and more. In this world, there is a True Cross Academy which is a school for Exorcists.

Types of Exorcists (Five Total)

  • Aria - They use incantations for their exorcism.
  • Doctor - They use ___ for their exorcism.
  • Dragoon - They use guns for their exorcism.
  • Knight - They use swords for their exorcism.
  • Tamer - They use demons as familiars for their exorcism.

Classes of Exorcist

This applies to True Cross Academy that has a hierarchy of exorcists.

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D. Gray Man (Major)

In D. Gray Man, exorcists are soldiers who serve the Black Order to combat the Millennium Earl, Akuma, and the Noah. Their main objectives are to save lives, to kill Akuma, to find Innocence, and to cooperate in teams. Exorcists's main weapon is Innocence which is the antithesis to the Noah's Dark Matter.

Types of Exorcists

EquipmentThey have their innocence in their weapons, accessories, and anything not part of their bodies.
ParasiticThey have their innocence int their bodies. Since they have innocence in their body, they are immune to Akuma's viral poison.

Examples of Equipment Type

  • Lenalee
  • Yu Kanda
  • Lavi
  • Bookman

Examples of Parasitic Type

  • Allen Walker
  • Aleister Crowley

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1st manga book: D.Gray-man #1
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