Exit 1/First Words

Exit 1/First Words is an anime episode of Durarara!! that was released on 01/07/2010

Exit 1 Episode 1

Exit 1/ First Words (開口一番) Kaikōichiban

Mikado Ryugamine decides to move from the country side of Japan to the city of Ikebukuro to go to high school with his best friend Masaomi Kida. Masaomi introduces the Mikado to the interesting figures of the city while a shady deal goes off elsewhere in town. All these events are connected through the appearance of the urban myth the Headless Rider.

Plot Summary

Opening ThemeUragiri no Yūyake ( 裏切りの夕焼け Sunset of Betrayal") by Theatre Brook

Erika and Walker welcome Mikado to the city
Erika and Walker welcome Mikado to the city

Mikado Ryugamine patiently waits in the train station of Ikebukuro as he reflects on his recent move from the quiet country to the crowded city to get something new in life. Part of the move was due in part to his old childhood friend Masaomi Kida moving there a while ago and insisted he attend Raira High School with him. Mikado waits as someone calls out to him. He begins to apologize as he realizes that is was Masaomi as he mocks him for being so uptight and formal when they are in the city now. Masaomi promises to take Mikado of a tour of the city as they walk around town to see what is where. During the trip, they run into Kyohei Kadota, Saburo Togusa, Erika Karisawa, and Walker Yumasaki. All four are good friends of Masaomi as Walker and Erika think that Mikado sounds like something out of a manga. They welcome him to Ikebukuro as the tour continues.

Walking by a girl waiting in the plaza, a man approaches the brown haired girl and claims to be a man named Nakura, someone she met online. He takes her to a nearby van where he has arranged for her to be kidnapped to somewhere else. What happens instead is the men in the van jump her and drug her, saying she is to be sold. As they leave, a mysterious man walks in on the scene and phones someone to take care of it.

Back with Mikado and Masaomi, the two walk by the Russia Sushi restaurant and the large owner Simon Brezhnev. He is friendly to Mikado and offers them food but they refuse. As they walk off, Masaomi warns Mikado not to get on Simon's bad side. He also explains about the recent gang activity with color gangs such as the Yellow Scarves and the Blue Squares but they left so its nothing to worry about. In the distance though, a vending machine flies through the air. Mikado marvels at this as Masaomi points out that it was caused by Shizuo Heiwajima and never to cross him. He finally warms Mikado to stay away from Izaya Orihara, the information broker, and a mysterious gang called the Dollars.

The three kidnappers wait in a parking garage for their contact as a black motorcycle lurks into the garage driven by a woman in a leather bikers outfit and a yellow fox helmet. She doesn't respond to the three as one attempts to attack her. He is instead pummeled with the front wheel of the motorcycle. She attacks another man by bashing his head into a wall as the third gets in the van and flees. The woman chases him as he is able to shoot off her helmet, causing her to crash. He exits the van and finds the woman to be walking but has no head. It turns out this woman is the mythical Headless Rider of Ikebukuro and uses shadows from her neck to form a scythe and subdue the kidnapper.

Mikado spots the Headless Rider on his first day
Mikado spots the Headless Rider on his first day

As Mikado and Masaomi head to get something to eat, a girl accidentally runs into Mikado. The two try to help her up as Mikado notices a big scar around her neck. The girl flees in a panic without saying anything. Mikado tries to process what just happened as the roar of a motorcycle is heard which oddly sounds like a raging horse. Masaomi leads Mikado to the street corner as they witness the Headless Rider zoom by. As the day comes to an end, Mikado feels excited about living in such an interesting city.

The episode is told from Mikado's point of view.

Ending Theme

Trust Me by Yuya Matsushita

Characters & Voice Actors

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Toshiyuki Toyonaga ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Darrel Guilbeau ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
Kida Masaomi ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Mamoru Miyano ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Takuma Terashima ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Yuki Kaji ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Takahiro Omori Director
Takahiro Kishida Character Artist/Designer Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Ryohgo Narita Original Concept Creator of Baccano! and Durarara!!
Akira Ito Art Director
Makoto Yoshimori Music
Akira Takata Animation Director


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