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Exhibitionism is a anime/manga concept
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Aikuro Mikisugi

Mikisugi Aikurou is a teacher who is a bit of a mystery.

Ayame Fudo

A Police Officer investigating the monster attacks around Moena's School. She also seeks to find out who Angel Blade really is.


One of the characters in Soul Eater. Blair is a cat with a strong aptitude for magic, which gets her confused as a witch.

Doris Lang

A Werewolf Hunter's daughter, Doris Lang was bitten by the vampire Magnus Lee and seeks the help of D to kill the Count.

Elizabeth Mably

The second-ranked strongest third-year student from the United Kingdom. Known as the Academy Reigning Enforcer.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray is an ice mage in the Fairy Tail guild. He stays calm and collected most of the time and has a bad habit of unwittingly stripping in public.

Holland Novak

The leader of Gekkostate, captain of the Gekko and pilot of the LFO Terminus typeR909 and later Terminus typeB303 Devilfish. Despite his cool appearance he frequently loses his temper when a situation turns bad, or when faced with insubordination.

Ice Blonde

Corporal from A-1 team who is serving to support her children on Earth.


Ingrid is a lovely and stern demon-hunter who fights under the command of Edwin Black in the Demon City Tokyo.

Junko Mochida

Bible Black character

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

The Demon King's son sent to earth in order to be raised by a human and destroy humanity. He is strongly attached to Oga, constantly clinging onto his back or sitting on his head.

Kei Kishimoto

Kei Kishimoto is a member of the first Gantz team shown in the manga and the Anime, and remains a main character in the series until she dies in the third mission

Kekko Kamen

Go Nagai's famous nude super heroine who is dressed only in a red, rabbit eared mask, with matching gloves, scarf, and boots. She saves Mayumi Takahashi from the Sexual Predators of Sparta Academy.

Kengo Mizumachi

A former swimming champion, Kengo joined the American Football team when he thought it would be more challenging. He is a very lighthearted individual who has incredible strength that he uses to his advantage with a technique known as "the Swim."

Kiyama Harumi

Kiyama Harumi

Lilia Eberwein

A princess that is forced to become a sex slave by her own brother.

Lyon Vastia

Lyon is an ice mage who trained under Ur with Gray Fullbuster, and became a member of the Lamia Scale Guild.

Makoto Otawara

A particularly dull yet skilled Lineman for the Ojo White Knights


One of the main characters of Monster Soul who is a mummy.

Mayumi Wakabayashi

The Young girl at the center of the madness in Foxy Nudes.

Medaka Kurokami

In the beginning of Medaka Box, she becomes the student president. She appears to be one of the main character of the franchise.


One of the three succubus of Viper GTS, she is jealous of her partner Carerra, as she gets better souls than Mercedes, but doesn't even try.


A young girl that is a school prostitute.

Moena Shinguuji

Moena is the main hero of the show. She transforms into Angel Blade when she has to fight the forces of Dark Mother.

Sara Akizuki

One of four women who tutors Touya at home

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa is one of the Fujima High survivors. She was the school's nurse and tends to the health of her fellow survivors.

Susumi Fuji

Susumi is the beautiful and innocent teenage daughter of the local Chief of Police who becomes the masked heroine Maboroshi Panty.


A proud Valkyrie who holds one of two keys that can save the world inside her womb.

Takumi Musashino

The lead character of the Eroanime manga series TSF Monogatari. Once male and dying of cancer Tekumi had his body transformed into a female. Tekumi now experiences a new world of pleasure.

The Pollinic Girls

Known as Cedar and Cypress pollen.They perform sexual acts to anyone with an allergic reaction to them. Male and Female alike.

Tsunayoshi Sawada

The Wielder Of the Sky Flames and the 10th generation Vongola Boss. Tsuna hates the idea of himself becoming the head of a mafia family, but he has made several strong friends along the way on his way to become the boss.


Gray's master from Fairy Tail, she taught him how to use ice magic. She sacrificed herself to stop Deliore.


The main Hero of Ride of the Valkyrie, she was betrayed by Frieya and turned over to the demon horde to become a sex slave.


The central character in all of Henmaru Machino's adult manga works. She is passionate about nearly every sexual act and perversity in existence.

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