Execution is an anime episode of Monster that was released on 10/26/2004
The episode begins with three kids playing a hero vs. villain battle. The kid playing the villain is not playing fair and Johan asks them how's the game going on. One kid tells Johan for the kid to stop breaking the rules and play the right way, but Johan tells that breaking the rules is like to be followed. When asking the kid of what plans he has for Earth, he replies that he is going to destroy everything. Richard is watching Johan with the kids.
Dr. Reichwen finally meets Dr. Rudi Gillen and the two discuss about the case concerning Johan's possible involvement with Peter Jurgens. Dr. Gillen agrees to see Peter Jurgens about that possibility.
In a restaurant, Richard meets with his ex-wife and they talk about their daughter, Rosemary. He passes a document containing his case files to his wife, asking her to show it to Rosemary; he wants his daughter to know what he had done. His wife thinks that Richard is back to his good old self and tells him that she will ask Rosemary again about meeting him.
In a house, Richard impersonates as an insurance agent in order to get into Johan's past.
Afterwards, he reveals information to Dr. Reichwen about his new findings. Then, he goes to a cemetery to see a grave, Johan W. Liebert.
Informing Dr. Reichwen of his discovery, Richard is invited to dinner with Dr. Reichwen, but he declines. He tells the doctor that he wants to return home to wait for Rosemary's call, and the doctor is glad that Robert has fully recovered.
In an interview with Peter Jurgens, Dr. Gillen tries to get information, but Jurgens asks for a pen and shades Johan's hair. He commits suicide afterwards, leaving Gillen shock.
At his apartment, Richard arranges to see his daughter, Rosemary, when Johan came to his door. He takes him to a bar, posing as a journalist. Johan accuses of Richard violating his human rights because of having killed someone while being drunk. Then, his conversation continues outside after getting a bottle of whiskey.
Johan took Richard to a building rooftop where he scares him about the shooting incident. Then, he offers Richard a bottle of whiskey to drown his sorrows.
Just then, the death of Richard is heard.

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