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Execution Order Issued! Break Through the Encircling Walls! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 11/07/2010
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Marineford Arc Review

Rating: TV-14
Length: 23:31  
The Marines chip away at the mountain of power in the Whitebeard Pirates as they prepare to execute Ace immediately. Slowly this is looking to be the death of the Whitebeard Pirates as friends are lost and death meets them at every turn. No way to move forward and no where to fall back. The tide only turns when the young Straw Hat pirate makes his grand appearance on the world's stage to face the three admirals personally in combat. His brother's life depends upon the outcome.

The Good

  One Piece 474 - Execution Order Issued! Break Through the Encircling Walls!
  One Piece 474 - Execution Order Issued! Break Through the Encircling Walls!
The story arc is really feeling like a war now. It's been a constant back and forth of who has the advantage and pushing forward. The rubber banding may irritate some, but it's pretty much the essence of war. You can look at it as if you were watching sports. Isn't a game of back and forth much more interesting to watch than a shut out?
It opens on a scene at Sabaody Archipelago and people reacting to the feed from Marineford being cut off. Naturally, everyone is freaked out. How would you feel if you went yo a sports bar to watch the World Cup and the TV cut out during the last half? What is surprising is that the Eleven Supernovas are still around. Oddly enough, Jewelry Bonny is crying for some reason.
I'm not sure what happened, but the production value skyrocket this episode. The scene of Whitebeard attacking the encirclement wall was awesome, and Luffy's dramatic appearance at the end of the episode was utterly epic. That has to be one of the coolest "hero arrives" scenes ever to catch my eye. I love it when Luffy goes all intense as he does here. It always means something exciting is going to happen.
There was also a pleasant surprise to see that someone thought dead earlier has risen to help in this war effort.

The Bad

I felt the episode was feeling pretty mediocre. About two thirds was about the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy just being punished by the Marines. At every turn is seems as if things are over for their plan to rescue Ace. It does seem to be a build up for the finale. What's weird is that Whitebeard, himself, is doing little to nothing as his crew and allies are being slaughtered. Sure, the encirclement wall can withstand his attack, but how about deflecting some of Akainu's strikes or cannon balls? Not to mention how bizarre that this wall can withstand Whitebeard after last episode he shook the entire island.
Squard has another dramatic scene with his crew. It makes for good drama, but I just don't see him as important or well known enough to warrant so much screen time.
The exposition is a little heavy handed when Ivan completely states how stupid Luffy and the other pirates are to be running straight into the kill zone of the Marine attack. The point is pretty obvious, and it really doesn't feel as if it had to be vocally said by anyone.

Verdict 4/5

I was completely ready to rate this episode a 3 through most of the events. It was hardly very entertaining watching all these nameless Whitebeard Pirates being attacked. Not that this wasn't dramatic to watch or at all poorly animated. The whole attack just felt drawn out a tad too much. What really saved it was the push back and Luffy's appearance before the three admirals. It may not seem right to rate the episode so well, just for the last few minutes, but it was really dramatic and well animated. If the preview picture in this review can't entice you to check this episode out. I'm not sure what will. I'd rate this a 4 out of 5.

Favorite Moment: Luffy appears on stage

Least Favorite Moment: Squard & Coby scenes

WTF Moment: Strong Wall!!

Favorite Character This Episode: Luffy

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