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eX-Driveris a six episode OVA revolving around three professional drivers whose job is to stop out of control vehicles piloted by rouge AI programs.

The OVA series eX-Driver takes place somewhere in the future where cars that ran on gasoline are a thing of  the distant past. In its stead however are eletric cars with automatic AI drivers that allow a person to pick the car they want to ride in as well as providing intricate menus for destinations that would rival modern GPS units. However, due to small computer bugs here and there, the AI cars have a tendency to go out of control and force massive traffic jams and endanger the lives of the customers. This is the job of an eX-Driver: to neutralize the rouge AI car and assist the Traffic Police with ensuring everyone is alright. The cars that the eX-Drivers use are not electric cars but older sports carsthat run on gas. While it is implied that anyone can become an eX-Driver so long as a person has the skill, many choose not to obtain a drivers liscene to drive their own cars. 
The series revolves around three high school teenagers: Lorna Endou, Lisa Sakakino, and Soichi Saguno. As they learn to work together despite clashes in personalities and styles, they come across new friends and build as a team in order to stop a group called The Underground who also run on gas cars but also provide illegal modifications to electric cars as well.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hidefumi Kimura
Kosuke Fujishima
Jun Kawagoe
Hikaru Nanase
Shunji Murata
Takeshi Takakura

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General Information Edit
Name eX-Driver
Name: Ekusu Doraibaa
Publisher Bandai Entertainment
Start Year 2000
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