Evolution ~Fragments of Ephemeral Dreams, Guidance of Shining Stars, Wooser Going His Own Way~

Evolution ~Fragments of Ephemeral Dreams, Guidance of Shining Stars, Wooser Going His Own Way~ is an anime episode of Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc that was released on 01/28/2014
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Wooser drops his wallet, along with the letter for the queen, and is forced to spend the night outside. The crackling of a fire, the twinkling of the stars in the sky... forget the queen, and forget the letter. Just as wooser is about to fall into a peaceful slumber, a horde of monsters attack! An army of immortal soldiers and dark conspiracy controlling them... do not feature in this episode!

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Plot Summary

Evolution ~Fragments of Ephemeral Dreams, Guidance of Shining Stars, Wooser Going His Own Way~
TranslationEvolution ~Fragments of Ephemeral Dreams, Guidance of Shining Stars, Wooser Going His Own Way~
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
by Mamoru Miyano
See series page for details

Before the opening credits, Nyanperona appears posing all over the place while an introduction is narrated. It turns out to be Wooser in disguise when the head suddenly falls off.

Wooser confesses that he doesn't prefer to eat vegetables, seafood or mushrooms, so the only expensive type of food he goes for is meat. He is seen eating steak in a restaurant with Rin and Len alongside a random cow that is watching the three eat in the background. Wooser ends up being so overjoyed at eating the steak he got, he dons a sash and a microphone and bursts into a song about meat. The performance dazes the girls and captivates the cow. Wooser asks the audience "Can you feel my love?" Rin simply replies with "Nope".

Rin, Len, Yuu, Miho and Ajipon are seen watching a TV with a turtle walking on to of said TV. Wooser is seen in the background reading a newspaper thinking about becoming a famous athlete and how news anchors hound at them for information. He has a daydream sequence where Rin and Len are in kimonos are feeding Wooser steak. Then someone hands him a stack of cash and handcuffs him at the moment of his reach. The sequence ends with a newspaper-like article of him getting arrested for "corruption" with Rin and Len in the background. Wooser snaps out of his daydream and exclaims that he could never be famous. Len calms him down stating that he doesn't have to worry about it.

Wooser, Ajipon and the girls are later seen eating watermelon. Wooser states that he hates salt on watermelon, but doesn't mind it when he thinks of seeing a glimpse of white panties behind black stockings. Just when he's about to either eat watermelon with salt or peek at the girls' panties, Wooser gets shot with a barrage of watermelon seeds by Darth Wooser. When Darth Wooser exclaims that "Enemies must be eliminated", the others are shocked to find out that Darth Wooser can also speak. Wooser replies with "I'm not the enemy. Right?"

After the end credits, Wooser falls down while wearing his cat suit and a sign on his back that says "Stupid Perona" while Tsukumo of Karneval watches with a blank and cold expression. Wooser exclaims that he hates the suit.

Points of Interest

  • Tsukumo of the anime series, Karneval is this episode's guest star alongside Yogi, whom is seen in the episode's endcard alongside her, Wooser, Rin, Darth Wooser and Nyanperona. The show's poster is seen on the left side of the throne room.
  • Wooser is seen wearing the Nyanperona suit and posing as him. This also references that the voice actor for Wooser (Mamoru Miyano) is also the voice actor for Yogi.
  • This is the first episode that Darth Wooser ever spoke out loud. However, episode 6 of last season confirmed that he is able to speak when whispering to Wooser, but he did not have a voice yet back then.

Characters & Voice Actors

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