Evil Spiral Characters

Evil Spiral is a anime/manga thing
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A rookie level Digimon in the form of a small dinosaur. He is Tai Yagami's Digimon Partner. Evolves from Koromon and into Greymon.


A digimon from the world known as the Dark Ocean. Dagomon is a Digimon heavily based on H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulhu.


A Perfect (Ultimate) Level digimon thats body is hidden in it's egg shell.


A virus insectoid Digimon.

Ken Ichijouji

Once the cruel and sadistic Digimon Emperor, Ken repented and helped the Chosen Children to fight the new evil terrorizing the Digital World. His partner is Wormmon.


A Perfect Level (Ultimate Level) form of Sedramon capable of using electricity.

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