Everyone Falls in Love! Pirate Empress Hancock

Everyone Falls in Love! Pirate Empress Hancock is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 07/19/2009

Amazon Lily Arc

Everyone Falls in Love! Pirate Empress Hancock - みんなメロメロ!海賊女帝ハンコック (Minna Mero Mero! Kaizoku Jyotei Hankokku)

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As Luffy tries to keep from getting killed and off this island on the Cal Belt. Boa Hancock shows just how dangerous a weapon lust can be in her hands.
— FUNimation


Opening Theme-

"Share the World!" by TVXQ

Episode Synopsis

Luffy apologizes to Margaret for not being able to repay her for everything she's done for him. He thanks her and leaves, but comes back to ask her to remove the frills from his clothes. Again, he thanks her. He's in a hurry to get back to his friends.

Luffy remember the defeat of him and his friends.

He stands on his hands and starts heading back to Sabaody Archipelago, thinking this will make his stronger; but soon realizes he'll need a ship. Margaret then tells tell him that there are no ships. That he's in the Calm Belt. The only ship is used by the Yuda, and that is the ship of the Kuja Pirates.

Luffy decides to build his own raft, but it's a complete failure that collapses under his own weight. He falls into the water and starts to drown. Margaret has to dive in to save him.

Margaret pulls an arrow on Luffy. Not wanting to get attached she plans to finish him. She takes several shots and keeps missing. Each arrow lands explosively. Margaret explains the arrows have Haki.

The other amazons are nearing their position. Luffy makes a run for it, but all of them are now chasing.

Offshore of Amazon Lily, the Yuda has pulled along a Marine warship. Though the bottom of the marine ship has Sea Prism Stone. They were attacked earlier by a Sea King and it was killed single handed by Vice-Admiral Momonga. They have come because the World Government has business with Boa Hancock. Ran tells him that she wont come out.

Momonga tossed Ran a news paper. She must attend the execution of Portgas D. Ace or will lose both her titles as a Shichibukai and the protection on Amazon Lily. Again, Momonga shouts for Boa Hancock.

Proved by this threat, Boa Hancock approaches from inside. There is a small kitten playing in her path. She asks who put that cat there, and roughly kicks it away.

She steps onto the sea serpent, and she directs it to the Marine ship. the Marines are ready for the worst, but Boa Hancock is a beautiful woman.

Back on the island, Luffy is still trying to survive. Luffy thinks these women are more scary then Nami. Luffy has flashbacks of Nami's rage attacks at him, but decided she's scarier.

he realizes that the arrows being shot could kill him with a single shot. With help of his rubber powers, Luffy manages to escape them. The Kuja Amazons split up.

Luffy is climbing up the mountain when he's spotted. The Amazon misses and Luffy falls back into the jungle.

Offshore at the meeting of ships, all the Marines are love sick for Boa Hancock. she; is joined by her two sisters, Sandersonia and Marigold. Boa tells Momonga that she's not interested in going to war for the World Government, but she does like her title as Shichibukai. She also wants all the cargo on his ship.

Momonga refuses such a childish request, but his men are already doing what she asked. Once more Momonga threatens Boa Hancock with loss of her Shichibukai title and the protections that come with that if she does not attend as ordered.

Hancock says she wants her title, but hates the World Government. She asks them about the concept of what would happen if a marine vessel was to have an accident while at sea and the message was never given to her.

A marine once heard about a ship that came across the Kuja Pirates. All that was found aboard was odd love struck looking statues.

Boa Hancock drops onto the deck of the Marine vessel. She says the reason she is forgiven for everything is because she is so beautiful. She puts her hands together and all before her that are love truck turn to stone.

Only Momonga escaped by stabbing himself in the hand. he's now alone.

The Kuja Pirates take all the cargo from the ship and head for to Amazon Lily.

Momonga calls out that he wont return empty-handed. He's giving her two days to change her mind. If not they the agreement is off and Amazon Lily will have no protection from the World Government.

She doesn't care.

Points of Interest

  • All the Straw Hat Pirates seen in this episode are only in flashbacks and have no spoken lines.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Boa HancockLove-Love Beam (unnamed)
Kuja AmazonsBusoushoku Haki

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