News on ADVs Live-Action Eva? Seriously?

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Nebs is in attendance over at Anime Central in Chicago right now, and he attended an ADV panel there-- and Matt Greenfield reportedly said this in response to a question about the live-action Evangelion movie that's been the One Piece treasure of the anime fandom practically since before One Piece existed:
“'Soon, & I'm not kidding' was Mr. Greenfield's response. He clarified a bit later that evening during an Evangelion panel, saying the closer he gets to sealing the deal the less he can say anything about it. & the fact that he can't say anything at all anymore should be a clear sign to us how close the deal really is. He seemed pretty confident.”

(Speaking of Evangelion, a trailer for Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance is up!)

Nebs and Japanator's Godlen both have some more Anime Central coverage. I wish I could be there, but alas...I like to actually see my apartment every once in a while. So check out their stuff!
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The trailer for Eva 2.0 rocks me to my very bone.
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Yes, it appears as though we see more of the Makinami girl in this new trailer. I'm interested to see what kind of character she turns out to be.
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I wonder. I wonder.
 The fact that they didn't just outright say "Do you think we're in any state to be focusing on that right now?" pleases me.

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