Good News for Hollywood? Live-Action Eva Still Active

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 Ready for some casting calls?
 Ready for some casting calls?
Well, that was mostly unexpected: Halo Legends producer Joseph Chou offered up that the live-action Evangelion film is still "very active."

This is pretty interesting, since now-defunct ADV was the company that had the rights to the film (and is still listed as such on IMDb Pro, though I will note that IMDb Pro is not necessarily the fastest to update). But then again, those rights are probably among those that ADV signed away back in September. At that point, AEsir Holdings was the company that acquired "all the ADV Films assets," while Section23 inherited all the distribution work for those same assets; I'm guessing the Eva movie is among those.

However, said IMDb Pro listing notes, as many of you will already be aware, that the film has been in development hell since at least 2003. But if it's back onthe calendars?...Well, we'll just have to see. Apparently the complex plot has been a tough sell to Hollywood producers-- but it looks like not everyone balks at it.

So, let the games begin! Let's talk casting and directors. Anyone have any ideas? First person to suggest Michael Cera as Shinji loses all of their account points. (Kidding! Mostly.)    
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Hell yes. 
Casting? Unknowns mainly. 
Director: P.Jackson, Blomkamp, Roman Polanski, J.J.Abrams
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This project has probably been in limbo for maybe eight years or so. Sure, they are going to say it's active, but that feels like lip service.
This movie would require so much in the way of effects. I'm not sure what studio would be willing to take the risk or put the money into it making it right. Just the Eva Units alone would be a real undertaking. If the Evas aren't done right this could end up looking like a cheesy Godzilla movie. Then you have the Angels to deal with. I don't know if you would need Avatar level effects.
It's just the scale of it all when it comes to this series.
Story wise for the movie there would possibly need a lot of exposition to get through. You are going to have to explain the Angels attacking. Possibly even try to explain why they are called Angels.
" Roman Polanski ", seriously???

The only anime movie he'd be interested in directing would probably be Komodo no Jikan.
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I wish it would die because I don't want my favorite anime franchise to have this huge blemish on it.
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I Kinda want to see a live action Eva. But I'm not sure if it will be good but I just want to see one.
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At first I wanted to say Michael Bay because he would make the action stuff great but he'd probably totally destroy the story. I guess I'd have to give Peter Jackson my vote for director. He seems to do well with keeping the plot element in line while not sacrificing in the special effects.
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This does not bode well...
I just cannot imagine a live action Evangelion movie ending up as anything but cheesy.
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@FoxxFireArt: Yup, because the only way he'd do it if it was interested, and I think he'd treat it with a passionate reverance. 
 He can do some fantastic scenes with depressed characters too.
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I don't even think it's going to be good. At all. I'm still skeptical when it comes to live action adaptations of anime and video games, and I don't guarantee anything--even though a big name director is at the helm.
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Those Hollywood cash-hounds looking for money with others work....
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This worries me more than the cowboy bebop live action movie. This is all Transformers fault if this gets done. I think the only way this would work is if the told James Cameron that he what he wants to do with this film like he did with Avatar. It might be a 10 year wait though.
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@Zeouterlimits said:

" Hell yes. Casting? Unknowns mainly. Director: P.Jackson, Blomkamp, Roman Polanski, J.J.Abrams "

I don't think that any of these directors would be interested in doing a hoolywoodian anime adaptation. Maybe Uwe Boll? O_o
It would be interesting to see Lars Von Trier (I understand that this is very unlikely =P) in this project, since both (Trier's films and the Evangelion series) are known for their agressive content. Of course you would have to take away all those special effects, but, who cares? I'm all about Shinji and his demented mind. Cult and pop blending together, hell yeah! =D
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I get goosebumps every time I hear 'Eva Live action'. Some ideas on the subject I would like to share:
First: Snubbing the creators. Gainax has to be involved in some levels (specially script and casting) to avoid the studio filming the story their way (i.e. screwing up everyting).
Second: Choosing the wrong director. He/She has to have a balance between the action and the inner conflicts of the characters. A director too artsy would produce a dense movie no one will watch and an extremely action-focused one would make a worse copy of Transformers. In my opinion, Peter Jackson would be a good choice, and he also has the Weta Workshop for the Special Effects dept. (besides the first concept art related to the idea were made by them). 
Third: Adapting the script and actor casting. If Gainax allows the studio to adapt the story  (very likeky to happen), us fans would have to make the idea that Tokyo-3 would be now New York-3, L.A.-3, D.C.-3, or any city of their pick. And Shinji, Rei and Asuka would have other names. If so, and american or international cast will take place (Michael Cera would play an Oscar-worthy Kensuke Aida, by the way). Personally, I don't think they will cast 14-15 year-olds or make an all-asian cast. Another critical aspect would be 'picking the universe': will they choose the original story from the series, the rebuild or they will make a mashup with both?
Fourth: How much money the studio will need in order to pull off this idea, taking into account that the story surely will be a trilogy?
Hope this comment wasn't too tiresome for all of you.
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@AleM: I don't know about that, considering how passionate R.Taylor from Weta was, seems like Jackson would have close ties. 
Although knowing his ties to Taylor, he has probably already said no.
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@constanzadellarosa: Not at all, nice to see some one who shares some passion for the idea. 
 The way Chou was talking about it on the podcast made it seem it would be more like a single movie (perhaps they'd leave the ending open so there could be more if it was successful?) 
  Agreed about the casting really, it's seems unlikely they could have an all/majority asian cast.
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i hope to god they don't do this.
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Hmm, dunno how I missed this article last month, and yes... I think Michael Cera as Shinji would be brilliant
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