EVANGELION Takes Over An Airline

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Slot another point or two on that chart comparing and contrasting how things are done in Japan and in the States - - the one you know everybody here has on their wall - - because I really can’t conceive of United or Delta ever running a cross-promotional campaign like this. (Virgin might, sure, but the discussion’s changed rather significantly once you’ve got mood-lighting on your planes.)

The point is that airlines are generally pretty careful about not having any material on board that could make any passengers anxious. And you’ve got to figure that any gadgets designed to put you in the reality of creepy bio-mechs fighting in an ultra-violent Apocalypse are quite liable to upset those with sensitive constitutions.

Anyway, all this preamble clears the runway, as it were, for these tidbits about how EVANGELION 3.0's just about to take off next week with a promo campaign on All Nippon Airlines. According to ANN, through a tiered scheme of complimentary, paid and prize options, passengers can get EVA-themed stickers, file-folders, ID card cases, 3D crystal glasses, portable navigation systems and that augmented reality phone app. The last one will at last grant you the ability to see the terrible sight of a life-sized EVA skulking outside of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport...

...you know, exactly the kind of thing that anybody a little anxious about flying would want to see before taking off.

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I would so find some way to give that app to my friend who is afraid of flying and make him think it is real...."Hey look at the new thing they are adding to keep terrorists away from the plane* (snicker)

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