Volks Mari doll is sure to thrill Evangelion fans

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on July 13, 2010. Last post by tainteddonut 4 years, 6 months ago.
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If you haven't watched Evangelion, you can't call yourself a real anime fan. At least, this is what I was informed by a mutual anime pal a few years ago when I admitted I had not seen the show. I promptly went and did my homework, and while I do admit it is a great show, I think I missed the boat on the fandom. Oh well. I can obsess over Eden of the East instead (sigh ... Akira... )
Anyway! If you a member of the hardcore Evangelion fan army and also happen to be a toy collector, you just might be attracted the the idea of owning a Mari doll. Maybe. That is, if you have 54,600 yen to blow. Yeah, you read that right.  Volks, the company that made this edition of Mari from the recent film Evangelion 2.0 You Can Not Advance, is notorious for making extremely expensive dolls from shows we love (look at this jaw-dropping Nia from Gurren Lagann). Still, I'll bet you a lot of people would be interested in buying it, especially Danny Choo's growing legions of doll fans. Check out more photos of this dream doll here.
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....Interesting....*checks wallet*...What the hell is a yen to Canadian dollar?
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Meh, mari is not on par with the other Eva characters like Rei or Asuka.
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Your Canadian Dollar equals 86 Yen. You need $635.99 in Canadian to buy this doll. 
I didn't watch Evangelion until Tom did a Watch & Learn on it. I think your friend's statement is overexagerated, too. The show was a good watch but I don't see it as being as great as everyone says.

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Yow.  Exactly how big is this?  If it were 1/2 scale then it might seem an OK deal, though I have much better uses for my money.
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That's way too much money. It will probably still sell out to diehard fans like the the 90,000+ yen Eva cellphones.
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