Eureka Seven #2 - Eureka Seven

is a manga book published by BONES that was released on 07/11/2006

Plot Summary

Chapter 04- Silence Burns

 The chapter opens with Dewey Novak reclaiming his old position in the military as he asks Dominic to retrieve the Amita Drive that was installed in Nirvash. On the Gekkostate, Renton is making a massive fuss over Eureka having a head, to which she beckons him to be quiet so she may get some rest. Cutting back to the military, Dominic is shown traveling with Anemone who can sense the Gekko despite its cloaking measuresup and running. After having to make a forced crash landing, the crew fixes the damages and resupplies their ship as Renton realizes there is an odd tension in the air but no one informs him what is wrong. The children inform the group that Eureka is missing and Renton immediately rushes to find her. In town, Eureka is aided by a small girl but the charity turns to animosity as Renton finds Eureka being stoned by the villagers. After shooing them away, Eureka explains how she and Holland used to work for the military and were ordered to shoot "targets". However, Eureka figured out soon after that it wasn't targets but people she was shooing and was regretful of her actions. Renton explains how he still wants to be a part of her life as she cries herself to sleep. Hoisting her on his back, he tries to get back to the Gekko but is stopped bt gunpoint by Dominic and Anemone, who Renton draws a connection to Eureka when seeing her. 

Chapter 05- The Sun & The Moon       

As night falls, Hilda and Matthieu attempt to start looking for Renton and Eureka, knowing full well what would happen if someone caught Eureka. The little girl from earlier appears and explains that the military took the two away to a nearby air strip. Back on the military ship, Renton is glad Eureka has calmed down but is worried about what will become of him in the hands of the miltary. After some teasing from Anemone, Dominic arrives to begin his interrogation of Renton in regards to the location of the Amita Drive. Meanwhile, the Gekko chastises Holland for not trying to at least rescue the two as he points out that he destroyed the city and Stoner accuses him of attemtping to run away. After some convincing, he decides to go out and look for them as Renton is further interrogated. As Anemone and Eureka attempt to bond and Dominic trying to get the information he needs, a massive tremor is felt and Anemonefalls over in pain. A massive geological formation occurs called the Coralian as the citizens of the city are attacked by the structure. Eureka and Aneome are sucked into it as the Nirvash crashes through the military ship, Renton ready to take arms to save Eureka. Dominic criticizes him for acting rashly, but Renton claims his love for Eureka and his willingness to save her.  

Chapter 06- Siamese Dream     

Renton zooms in the Nirvash towards the Coralian at top speed as the rest of the Gekko are dumbfounded as to how the Nirvash moved without a pilot. Dominic, in control of his military flagship, demands the crew pilot the ship intothe Coralian as well to save Anemone but Dewey calls in an order to retreat for now. As Renton enters the sphere of the Coralian, he enters a dream like plane where sky fish taunt him about his love of Eureka and how nothing good comes of love. Eureka is having a similar hellish nightmare as she is in a restaurant, wanting Renton to be with her and the waiter serves her quite literally Renton on a plate. Renton asks the sky fish to return Eureka to him which they give him a doll of her before he vomits up a giant egg which appears to contain a comatose Eureka. Back at the restaurant, Eureka refuses to eat Renton as she just wants him to be there as Anemone emerges from the waiter as the waiter was a man made out of straw. Anemone and Eureka talk about how tasty things should be cherished or eaten quickly when Anemone shape shifts into the Nirvash, impaling Eureka. Renton, digging out Eureka from the egg, hears the doll scream in pain multiple times assuming it is a trick by the sky fish. When he is done digging, he finds that Eureka has turned into the doll and vice versa as the real Eureka is seen lying on the floor in a bloody mess. Eureka and Renton cry as they just want to be together, eventually finding one another as the Coralian dissapates. Eureka and Renton are unscratched as they are holding hands on the ground with Anemone and the Nirvash nearby, also unharmed. 
Chapter 07- Summertime Blues   
Renton, Eureka, and Holland are checked into the med bay of the ship as Holland suffered massive injuries during the Coralian event while the other two were unphased by everything that happened. Mischa knows that Eureka wouldhave been find, but muses how odd it was for Renton to survive and beckons him back into the bay for further examination. Eureka, worried that there is something wrong with Renton, implores the crew and Talho to obtain a pancha fruit which is said to help restore energy and life. Talho is skeptical until she sees an advertisement and drags Eureka to find one. As the girls attempt to find a pancha fruit for their partners, Holland and Renton discuss events in the med bay. Holland explains how he got involved with the military as his mentor was killed and that he searched long and hard for the killer, only to find it was Dewey and the motive behind it was that Holland's mentor wanted to stop something called Ageha Project. (As a side note: this would be the reason Dewey was in jail in volume 1 of the manga). Holland left the military at that point, taking everything that had to do with the Ageha Project, including Nirvash and Eureka. The girls in the meanwhile were caught by a farmer who found them trying to steal pancha fruit as it was too expensive for them in town. Eureka, distraught about not getting one, begs the farmer to give them one to which he agrees so long as they work for him. During their service, Eureka mentions how she wants to help Renton, Talho implying she is truly in love with Renton. Their work complete, they return to the Gekko to give the men the fruit. However, when Eureka tries to help Renton, he is completely despondent and refuses the help. It turns out that he is distraught over the fact that the mentor Holland refered to was his father, Adrock Thurston. Eureka goes to talk with Nirvash but finds him to be unresponsive. With Anemone, Dominic is trying to feed her the pancha fruit only for her to spit it out and exclaims her love of the Scarecrow from the Wixard of Oz, mocking him. Dewey arrives soon after to check on Anemone and to give her her own LFO called The End as the manga closes with another round of 4koma comics.


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