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Plot Summary

Chapter 001-Start Today

The manga opens up on the day to day life of the main character Renton Thurston. Failing through school and wanting to do nothing more than reff (sky surfing in laymen terms), his grandfather Axel constantly disapproves of his actions. Things change when the mech Nirvash Type Zero falls through his ceiling, its pilot the pale Eureka asking for the two to fix it. Renton immediately falls for her as he tries his best to fix the machine, musing to himself about Eureka and the mech. During repairs, the military known as the United Federation attack and Eureka beckons Renton to join the fight. Renton refuses as Eureka flies off, only to be approached by Axel, who gives him the Amita Drive that will unlock the full potential of the Nirvash. Renton drives after Eureka and is able to reff up to the Nirvash to install the Drive. however, the mech locks up and after Renton yelling at it, the Nirvash awakens to perform the Seventh Swell, a massive light attack that defeats the UF. Afterwards, Holland Novak commends Renton for his courage and invites Renton to join the revolutionary group Gekko state. 
The chapter ends with Renton and Eureka flying to the flagship the Gekko as Renton realizes that Eureka has three adopted children who call her "mama" 

Chapter 002- Kids Are Alright

We now see Renton aboard the Gekko as a full fledged member of the group. However, being a newcomer to the group he is automatically deemed the gofer of the ship as he is forced to perform all the heavy lifting and grundge work of the ship, from writing reports to fetching Talho a towel. As Eureka muses how he looks funny and Renton attempts to flirt with her, her three children Maurice, Maeter, and Linck promptly tackle him as they are defensive and protective of their mother. After that, the reader sees how Eureka is able to communicate with the Nirvash as she and Holland discuss Renton some. Eureka wonders how someone who was indecisive at first got the courage to run into danger. The conversation is cut short as the military is able to pick up the ship, the crew realizing their cloaking device was sabotaged by Linck. Holland commands Eureka and Renton to take the Nirvash out to battle the UF and make quick work of the enemy. The Gekko and Eureka are thoroughly impressed with Renton's performance. However, due to Renton not being used to the fast movement immediately vomits after the fight.   
The chapter ends with Dominic meeting with Dewey as the two of them discuss the recent events with the Nirvash and the Gekkostate. 

Chapter 003- Holidays in the Sun

The group is now running low on supplies as they quite literally fight over the last scrap of food on the ship. Renton explains how the ship has 18 people and they go through supplies fast. After being told what they need, Renton realizes they have next to no money to actually restock the ship. He is still forced to go out with Eureka and the children to obtain supplies from a nearby town. Renton points out that they could easily get more money if they did actually work, but Holland rejects the notion, alluding to something that is occurring later that day. The group goes into town as they rummage through supplies for a while until Eureka and Renton notice a worn out ref board. Renton criticizes the owners until three punks claim the board is theirs and challenge Renton and the Gekkostate to a ref board contest that day. They are about to leave until Linck insults one of the punks, prompting them to pummel Renton. Arriving at the ship with supplies, Renton implores Holland to sign up for the tournament to get more money, but Holland rejects the idea, ripping up the flier. Holland then flies the group to a remote area, the place he refereed to earlier as a large eruption of Trapar Waves emerges from the Earth, the group riding them for fun. Talho then starts to compare Holland to his brother Dewey as she feels that he is trying to save the world. 
The end of the last chapter shows the Sage Council who run the planet turning to Dewey as they need his help with a mysterious entity that is attacking their military forces known as the Coralians. 
The first volume ends with a couple of 4koma strips that are there solely for entertainment purposes and contrive nothing to the actual story.


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User Reviews
Eureka Seven (manga)-An Odd Sort of Affairs Reviewed by Wales on July 20, 2010. Wales has written 14 reviews. His/her last review was for C - CONTROL. 60 out of 62 users recommend his reviews. 5 out of 6 users found this review helpful.

(As a note before  I begin my review, I would like to point out that this discussion will be over all six volumes as an examination of the series as a whole. I include it on the page of the first volume  since it seems appropriate here, as well asI can not attatch a review to a manga page.)
With the relations between manga and anime, they usually fall into one of three categories: mangas before the anime, anime and manga being released simultaneously, and the anime coming before the manga. The Eureka Seven manga series falls into the latter of the categories and while there is some relation between the two medias, a majority of aspects such as plot, characters, theme,and more do a complete 180. 
Now in all fairness, there will always be some divergences from the original story, but these changes feel so unnatural that the story becomes more confusing with each chapter. I'll give you an example. In the third volume, which is where the manga waived bye-bye to the original story, we are introduced to a character who has some bitter rivalry with Holland Novak, claiming to be his eternal enemy for some past occurence between the two and literally dies at the end ofthe first chapter. My question is why make him some mysterious  rival enemy type charactrer when you would only include him for one part of the story? Ray & Charles Beams were better adversaries to the crew of the Gekkostate that this twit. Not to mention how oddly different the ending is for the story. Without spoiling too much, instead of the Coralians being a kind and benevloent race who wish to co-exist with humans, they instead plot to destroy humanity to claim the Earth for their own.  
I know things didn't make a whole lot of sense the first time around in the anime, but at least if you went along slowly you could absorb what was truly going on. In the manga, I have read it multiple times and am still confused as to why certain things were going on, especially in the last two volumes. Charactrers are different from their anime counterparts and again, while changes are to be expected, certain explanations for why characters behave as such is a little too farfetched, even for Eureka Seven. There is one scene where Eureka is literally possessed (or body snatched, I have no idea how it truly happened) and only till the very end do people go "Hey, Eureka sure is acting weird." 
The majority of  this series left a sour taste in my mouth,mostly due to me being such a huge  fan of the anime. If you are a fan of the series, you cab give it a look but I doubt you'll like what you get. For those who are alien to the entire franchise, you can pick it up but you're better off with the anime. Come to think of it, with a franchise that has a slew of video games, two manga series, and a feature length movie, the only thing that was ever good was the anime. 
Final Score- 2/5
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