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Eureka Seven is an anime series in the Eureka Seven franchise
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I've Found It: a lost form of storytelling. Reviewed by colorbrandon on May 15, 2011. colorbrandon has written 5 reviews. His/her last review was for High School DxD. 20 out of 21 users recommend his reviews. 9 out of 9 users found this review helpful.

Disclaimer: I have watched episodes 1-50 several times, both in English and Japanese dub when it was first airing. This review is written more through hindsight because of how far removed it has become in the anime scene.

Don't be fooled, Eureka Seven is a love story.

As a teenage boy, Renton Thurston deals with a lot of things that boys his age are concerned with: school, pinup models, sports, and toys. Growing up in a small town, Renton was never exposed to the dangers that his grandfather, his older sister, and even his father have devoted  their lives to fight against. Politics, conspiracy theories, terrorism, and war are not topics discussed in Bellforest. And neither is lifting, the act of riding the Trapar waves (much akin to surfing). 

Renton meets up with the Lifting group, Gekkostate, but learns that he has aligned himself in the same battle that had consumed the Thurstons before him. Through the mysterious girl, Eureka, Renton learns to cope with the realities of the world and through the helping hands of those around him, learns the importance of belief, faith, and love in what you do, as well as having the courage to confront the unknown.

Eureka Seven marks a change in the anime industry. A 50 episode series is tough to come by these days. Eureka Seven's unique brand of storytelling places it amongst the best of the industry. While it is a shame that few other anime titles have had the audacity to follow  in Bones' footsteps, when you do find something as special as this, you can't help but smile.
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