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Eureka Seven is an anime series in the Eureka Seven franchise
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MooseNugget Warning: Awesomeness

Eureka Seven is a series filled with drama, love and conflict. We follow Renton as he grows from a boy who hates his hometown to a man who tries his best to protect the one he loves, Eureka. And boy is it one hell of a ride. This is my ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on June 13, 2012
colorbrandon I've Found It: a lost form of storytelling.

Disclaimer: I have watched episodes 1-50 several times, both in English and Japanese dub when it was first airing. This review is written more through hindsight because of how far removed it has become in the anime scene. Don't be fooled, Eureka Seven is a love story. As a teenage ...

Reviewed by colorbrandon on May 15, 2011
9 out of 9 found this review helpful.
Wales Eureka Seven-A Diamond in the Rough

Some spoilers may be listed in this review, so readers beware.  Eureka Seven is the story about a bored teenager named Renton Thurston who joins a counter-culture/revolutionary group called the Gekkostate to escape the drudgery of everyday  life and ultimately ends up saving the world. Now, I have been a fan ...

Reviewed by Wales on July 4, 2010
11 out of 12 found this review helpful.
LHWKnight The Summer of Love

Before we get to this anime review, I would like to give a round of applaud to Funimation for recently picking up the license for this anime, as it is one of those anime that everyone showed see.I also would like to recommend subscribing to their website if you don't ...

Reviewed by LHWKnight on Feb. 1, 2014
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Kino88 bad giant robot anime

so yeah, a lot of people seem to really dig this Eureka crap, so much so that silly me I got caught up in the hype and signed up for this FIFTY EPISODE test of time abuse.If filler is a dirty word than Eureka seven is filthy beyond recognition I ...

Reviewed by Kino88 on Oct. 23, 2012
0 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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