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First a polite correction: Eureka 7 is NO LONGER available for streaming and the DVD's are out of print meaning that it's very expensive to purchase. It was a Bandai license and, disappointingly enough, has not been rescued, yet. It's baffling to me which shows Funimation and Sentai Filmworks chose to rescue this past weekend. Also, the series is 50 episodes.

Okay so upfront, Eureka 7 is tied for my favorite series of all time. I even have an Eureka tattoo on my leg. So I have strong feelings about this franchise. I know that you didn't like RahXephon Sam, another BONES production and one that I ultimately liked, and I feel like it's much closer to Rah than to Evangelion. For instance, Rah felt more like a character driven show inhabited by three dimensional people than the cardboard cutouts that Anno used as elaborate metaphors for the tropes of giant-robot anime.

Eureka 7 is one of the reasons that I love anime as a medium: great characters, that develop/ grow in interesting ways, fantastic action, amazing music, tight storytelling, smart world building, and intelligent screen writing. Cap that off with one of the best dubs around and you have a firecracker of a show. It's just a shame that it's so difficult to obtain it legally. I wish I had bought it when I had the chance. I know about AO's reception, but I may still purchase it because it's currently the only way to own a piece of this franchise that I love so dearly.

Okay, rant over.

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I first watched Eureka Seven on a Family visit to Canada, and i think it was near the last quarter

In fact that trip got me back into anime that was... 2007

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I haven't watch this series yet. Supreme Marvel recommended it to me after I finished Accel World back in winter 2013. Says it's a good series to get into when I'm just starting to get into mecha genre. Before that, my friend Wales recommended it to me.

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Ah no I need it harder opening...? And the understated nature and the lack of engaging with the world play and actually dealing with the heady concepts was what made it lacking. IF it had dealt with the heady concepts and actually dealt with the worldbuilding would have been a much better show. The ending was also so very ridiculous and naive. Certainly you have to have the feeling and the character development as well, but still need the world building and the lack of heady concepts.

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One of my top 3 favourite mecha anime, along with Gurren Lagann and Getter Robo. It never got the attention it deserved either. Oh, and thank you for actually pronouncing Eureka correctly.

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