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Of all things, this third-to-last episode makes me think of the 90’s SPIDER-MAN show. One specific aspect of it, anyway.

See, that show started running right after MORTAL KOMBAT knocked down a long line of senatorial dominos pertaining to the appropriateness or inappropriateness of “boys entertainment.” That iteration of Spidey might’ve suffered the most, because he was saddled with so many network “Standards & Practices” restrictions that he literally wasn’t allowed to punch any of his bad guys for fear of it setting a poor example. Consequently, basically every one of the villains on that show weren’t ever defeated by force, but by reconciling them with their estranged wives, girlfriends or daughters.

In other words, their weakness was to Dr. Phil’s “Love Smart.”

So, on one level - - a cold, intellectual one, perhaps - - Dominic and Anemone’s skydiving reconciliation feels like a cop-out of the stripe of what was on that show. The little bubbly hearts floating around their heads seem to pop once you remember that she’s been a blood thirsty speed demon up until this point.

But... there’s no denying the effect of that other level, the one that hits emotionally. And, I’m big enough to admit that I was moved. The show reached some new emotional crescendos here. Also, if we say that Anemone was mind controlled by that evil strawberry jam, we can probably excuse her crimes in the same way we let Eureka off the hook for hers.

Thus, we can feel all gooey inside without guilty hesitations!

As all the lovey-dovey stuff took up most of this episode’s run time, I’m going to use the rest of the space here to make a prediction or two. First, Dewey’s going down next episode. Hard. Second, the rainbow power will save the day at the start of the last episode, leaving us with about 20 minutes of denoument. It’d be appropriate for Eureka and Renton to kiss, then, but we know that Standards & Practices bans cooties in the same way they once banned Spidey’s punches, so I won't expect it.

Watch this episode, "Ballet Mechanique” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA episode 50.

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Well fear not you can feel happy for Anemone without any fear.

You're right about Anemone being mind-controlled, but it wasn't by the strawberry jam, remember how Dominic sometimes would inject her with "medicine"? That "medicine" basically drove her insane, and also made her loyal to Dewey, but when the drugs stopped working on her, she became clear, which is why she's been depressed the last couple of episodes, and also why Dewey wanted her to be replaced, because his control over her was slipping (remember the scene when she found a strand of Dewey's hair on her and she got disgusted?).

Dominic in his defense didn't know the effect the drugs he was ordersd to give her had on her, until he went to the research facility. Which was why he decided to defected from Dewey's side.

FYI Eureka went through something similar to it, but it was the kids who got her out of it.

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The only comment I'll make about the predictions is that I wish the final episode had 20 minutes of denoument.

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Well if you liked the lovey-dovey emotional stuff in this episode then you might have some hope for the show...all I will say though. Got Beatles cued up right?

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Well you're right about Dewey at least.

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