EUREKA SEVEN #45 -- Watch & Learn

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I watched this one late last night and must confess it seemed… stranger on account of my tired state of mind. The show’s always danced on a line bordering outright surrealism, but its dips into that particular pool have been rare and fleeting. Perhaps the notion of Eureka getting the shiniest breakout ever isn’t, in of itself, all too strange compared to the sublime hallucinations we’ve seen during the various "Acperience" episodes. However, Renton’s response of trying to comfort her by bruising and cutting his arm up is… a little weird. Maurice’s subsequent, somewhat Oedipal, response of trying to shoot him and then scuff his own arm up in juvenile effort to win back his mother’s affections is downright weird. Enough so that this portion feels like something out of a Jodorowsky flick (I know… him again.)

Less weird, and more sensible, is the peace being brokered between Gekkostate and Dewey’s underlings. As I’ve commented on many a time, these bad guys have to be some of the least threatening heavies ever presented in an adventure of this sweep. It actually takes a larger suspension of disbelief to buy the notion of them not reading Ray=Out and not being swayed enough by the artfully-rendered propaganda therein. Fingers crossed for peace!

Seeing as how we’ve only got five episodes left before the “Hoo-ah!” grand finale, though, I’ll hazard a guess that these two factions are going to forge an uneasy, but united, front against Dewey. They’ll find themselves overwhelmed by his monstrous minions, though, and the rainbow power that Eureka’s transformation is obviously building to will then save the day at the last possible moment.

Am I getting warm here, friends?

Watch this episode, "Don’t You Want Me?" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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hrmm not warm on the way I remember the ending but I blocked most of it out so can't say. Do they directly call it a rainbow power? It fits with what ultimately happens but not sure if they ever called it that...and yes from here on out the show gets much much more sixties surreal. Little yellow submarine surreal.

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You're close but no. Dewey's going to do something a lot worse.

BTW, Fun Fact: The two kids in the screenshot at the top? Yeah they're characters from a pair of E7 games on the PS2 making a cameo here. (I wouldn't recommend playing them though. Not if what I've heard is anything to go by)

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Don't listen to Zaldar you are actually warm, though its Eureka and Renton who are supposed to save the world, or rather their relationship is supposed to.

The relationship between Maurice and Eurkea (heck between Eureka and her three kids) was always strange, since Eureka was the one who killed their parents (right in front of them no less), and then turned around and raised them as her own. The clincher to this is that only Maurice was old enough to remember this (the other two were far too young, though there is a did foreshadow to it when Maeter said that she was once held by someone who felt similar to Eureka, but different). Maurice remembering what she did and accepted her taking the place of his mother so long as she didn't abandon him, since he was too young to understand death. So there are no romantic overtones here, just abandonment issues.

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