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Warsaw, huh? The Joy Division? It just really wouldn’t be an anime that plays with heavy themes without at least one all-too-obvious allusion to World War II. Of course,, the evil empire continues to be as loosely defined as it was at the start of the show, so I don’t know how appropriate comparing it to the Nazis actually is. I suppose I could always just assume that the incriminating behavior has simply just happened during all the signature “off-screen plot.”

Speaking of important stuff that’s been largely left unseen and unsaid, it was honestly pretty funny to find out the terrible secret of Anemone’s special strawberry jam. It was pretty obvious that the stuff had some narcotic qualities but, if I’m reading this right, it’s also actually synthesized from the remains of her failed fellow test subjects?

Otherwise, I’ll pat myself on the back for figuring out pretty early on that the little miss was the bad guys’ attempt to pervert the process that created Eureka. “Pervert” has proven to really be the right word, because the mad doctor at this facility honestly seemed like he was getting a chubby over his experiments.

Regarding healthier behavior, we’re seeing Eureka and Renton’s relationship take on some more qualities you’d expect from a real relationship. That is, they’re having fights a lot more often, now. (Then again, maybe it isn’t actually that realistic considering how they haven’t gotten physical outside of some nigh-platonic hugs.)

Yes, I’ll keep harping on that fact, because it gets ridiculous to have 40+ episodes of “Will they/won’t they” romantic tension like this. Even if these two kids were the most clueless ones in this universe, you'd figure one of the villains would force them into action, by now.

.Watch this episode, "It’s All in the Mind" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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C'mon, Tom. You should know that the "will they/won't they" dynamic is the hackneyed way of pretending that there is depth to a romance. How else are you going to keep people watching or reading? That dynamic is flawless in every culture and entertainment medium.

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Remember tom they are both rather young...I mean what 14 or so? Kissing would be appropriate yes but not much more than that...and their is the fact that Eureka is not really human...I mean that would set even the most horny teenager back. On a larger front though I think there is thematic significance to the platonic nature of their relationship....hadn't thought about that before but thinking about the ending makes me think that may be the case. All your thoughts on anemone are correct. Good job...though the second one had been obvious for awhile. The show really does do things with pairs of pairs quite a bit as I think I have said before.

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I think the whole "will they/won't they" dynamic was done on purpose and without spoiling, you'll see why by the end of the series why I think that. Not to mention, there's a sequel coming this Spring....

BTW, Am I the only one that notices that as the series progresses, the animators tend to draw Renton to look more and more "adult" in appearance?

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- That was intentional, He's nearing 15 at this point in the show and he is maturing emotionally as well so they needed to show it.

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@zeroduality: Yeah I thought as much but the show has always been kinda ambiguous towards just how much time has passed during Renton's entire journey that I always thought it was more a reflection towards his mental maturation. That and it's pretty damn subtle.

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the header is gold!

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@LordTerminal: Well I guess in a way reveling his age could be a bit of a spoiler.

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