EUREKA SEVEN #42 -- Watch & Learn

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*PHEW* As oddly specific as it sounds, I’m relieved that Norb transformed into his younger self when he and the flower girl started walking into their strange little sunset. Their cute love affair was in danger of getting a little tricky…

It says a lot about the show’s bravery with plot choices that I genuinely wasn’t able to call how Holland’s near-death experience was going to spin out. They got me! Norb’s whole spiel about farewells coming suddenly and unexpectedly sure spread some thick foreshadowing out for somebody getting the ax in this episode. And it’d certainly fit the show’s meaner approach to big decisions since his death wouldn’t carry a lot of build-up with it - - or even significance, for that matter. Anemone would’ve basically just killed him on account of bad timing, not by circumstance of any heroic sacrifice.

Speaking of Anemone, I continue to be intrigued by how she’s proving to be such an all-encompassing fun-house mirror reflection of Eureka. Her relationship with Dewey develops in a way that sort-of/kind-of recalls the love triangle Eureka’s had with Holland and Renton (and that’s doubly-fitting since Dewey’s actually Holland’s big brother, right?)

At first, I figured there wasn’t any more to it than simple narrative symmetry. However, now that we know Eureka’s true significance to this larger conflict, I’m wondering if Anemone might be the bad guys’ perverted second attempt at forcing some sort of alliance or communication with the scubs. And since metaphysical goo keeps showing up in this area, it’d certainly make sense if those strawberry jam injections she gets might actually be some sort of synthesized version of the stuff that’s been covering Eureka and her predecessor at various intervals.

Food for thought, right?

Watch this episode, "Star Dancer" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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He looks weird.

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Hoo boy, are you really not gonna like what truth breaks out regarding Anemone in about 2 episodes. Or what happens in the next episode either for that matter.

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Ah so close on anemone and so far...can't wait to see your reaction to the ending..

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