EUREKA SEVEN #41 -- Watch & Learn

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Now, this is an interesting development. Dare I say, it’s a lovely one.

I’m reaching for the right mythological term, but the whole… succession of Earthborne “ambassadors” that’s clarified in this episode does carry some mythical qualities. It’s not yet clear, entirely, if Eureka and the flower girl were created under the same circumstances, but I can imagine plenty of details supporting the notion of our gal being the scubs improved or perfected second attempt at establishing a union with the humans. They’ve made a point of stressing that she can bear children, right? That seems like a step up from turning to goo if you ever step outside of your rosy little hut.

Oh! And I totally understand what the whole deal was when Eureka got covered in that carpet of underground snot in the episode from however long ago. Or at least, I think I do. She was trying to return back into the Earth, right? Is that what “acperience” means? She starts having freaky hallucinations whenever she tries to merge back with the natural forces of this planet, right?

I wonder if some added significance will eventually be revealed regarding how Eureka emerges from this “acperience” with her scars mostly removed and her hair largely longer and bouncier. I’d noticed that she looked so much… healthier in the new (totally catchy) intro, but I was wondering if that might’ve come down to a little miscommunication with whatever animation studio was contracted to produce that piece. Looks like it might actually be reflective of what happens in the show, though?

Watch this episode, "Acperience 3" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Don't get too used to Eureka looking "healthier", you'll see what I mean in the episodes to come.

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You're nearing the end of this wonderful show. How sad!

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I don't think turning to goo is a consequence of leaving the flower. I think that both turning to goo and being in the flower are consequences of Norb and Sakuya failing when they attempted what Renton and Eureka are about to attempt.

It just occurred to me that the "goo" is probably the same as the Coralian form that tried to absorb Eureka in the mine, since Sakuya is also a Coralian. Therefore, she always looks like that, even inside the flower. When Eureka approached the flower, Sakuya temporarily absorbed Eureka to induce the same kind of dream state as in the mine, as evidenced by the two of them talking in a library (more on that in Acperience 4).

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@yllekkram: Close. Sakuya didn't so much absorb Eureka but rather allow her into a physical manifestation of her mind and soul.

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Ah yes these episodes leading up to the ending showed so much promise. The mind meld scene here was amazing. And yeah don't get used to her looking healthier though you are on the right track from what I remember as the goo being somewhat of a rebirth.

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So close to one the the most emotional stretches in anime's history. Episodes 43 till the end are great.

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