EUREKA SEVEN #38 -- Watch & Learn

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I feel like there’s a graduate thesis just waiting to be written about the intersection of masculinity in this show. Do some focused analysis on this episode. On one half of the scale, you have our little hero Renton, who will cry without requiring much provocation. On the other half of the scale, we have big man Holland who’ll beat the shit out of his crew without much provocation. Seriously, he legitimately bloodies these guys for decorating the kid’s room. It’s not like the issue of whether Renton got too pushy with Eureka couldn’t have be cleared up in two seconds of dialog. Holland was going to stomp them, regardless.

Putting aside slapstick humor gone horribly wrong, it was pleasantly entertaining to see the other intersection in this episode - - the one between guy talk and girl talk. Again, despite the more colorful incidents, it really does feel real, how the crew takes such an interest in this budding romance and offers up their own strategies and assorted pointers. The gag with Renton seeking information on how to kiss from a magazine was almost uncomfortably spot-on.

Actually, the show’s pretty spot on for the characters and their dilemmas in general (which is what makes Holland’s abusiveness so much more alarming.) Like Stoner here. He isn’t the most important character in the crew, but the show takes care to realize that no accomplishment in this milieu happens in a zero sum gain, so if the opposition’s won the “war of words,” then he’s naturally going to be faced with the same sort of feelings of inadequacy that Eureka and Moondoggie felt when Renton’s piloting skills started eclipsing theirs. Again, very observant characterizations here.

Watch this episode, "Date of Birth" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

Also, if you have a question about this episode, this show or anything else (anything!) and you'd like it answered on the site, go on and post in this thread.

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Uh technically Holland beat them up because he thought Renton was pressuring Eureka for sex and the others were helping him.

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True Lord but his points are still valid. There are several thesis statements that could be written about this show. Though I am not sure if anyone has, the journal articles on anime I have seen don't mention it. Could be your ticket tom!

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