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Ha! I knew Talho’s “changes” were really about Holland’s bun being in her oven. I don’t know how the matter got submerged after it was first brought up a few episodes ago, but I’ll take pride knowing I’ve gotten +500 XP for the “Spot the Pregnancy” mini-game. I’ll also give this show some points for actually showing some of the results of a couple’s relationship because, as I’ve often noted, probably all of the shows I’ve covered for this column have had a puzzling cootie phobias.

FMA: BROTHERHOOD’s happy ending was so emblematic of that. An anime devouts all this time into a “Will they, or won’t?” sexual tension yet, when it comes time to resolve it, they step over any sort of physical consummation and go straight to Ed and Winry being a happy nuclear family while managing to avoid them ever even kissing on screen.

Come to think of it, Holland and Talho haven’t kissed ever in this whole show, either… but hey, this is close enough.

The extended flashback in this episode makes the whole series look a lot better, tying nearly ever seemingly-disparate plot point into a surprisingly tight mythology. The best reveal concerned how the Vodaracs are actually a cult worshipping the Coralins and Eureka fits into their theology as some messianic figure (sort of?) who’s going to establish communication and peace between the humans and the indigenous life forms.

There’s a whole host of “Ah-ha!” insights to draw from that, but the biggest is that it puts Holland’s raging hostility for Renton and Talho’s persistent patches of jealousy into a far better context. There’s clearly a romantic implication to Eureka’s “choosing of a partner,” and when that factors in to any equation - - whether it should be there or not - - it’s going to make feelings that much rawer.

Watch this episode, "Inner Flight" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Eureka Seven doesn't focus much on the couples among the crew of the Gekkostate (aside from Renton and Eureka). At the same time, it doesn't try to hide or avoid the relationships. For example, while the show doesn't go out of its way to show Holland and Talho kissing, there was a scene in an earlier episode where Holland wakes up to do something, and Talho is apparently naked beneath the sheets. Also, while the Gekkostate was hiding in the mine, there was a scene where Renton walked in on Gidget and Moondoggie.

In addition, the remainder of this arc is fairly heavy on plot revelations and character backstory, so get ready for a few more interesting relationships.

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Told you, that you were right.

They did imply that Talho and Holland were having sex, but you had to pay attention, in one scene where Holland wakes up you can see Talho sleeping next to him (and she seems naked). The Vodarcs also aren't a cult, but a culture of people that will be expanded on later on, so keep a look out for it.

No your not wrong, the implications of Eureka choosing a partner are exactly as you think they are.
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You're forgetting that they also implied that Moondogie and Gidget got it on once. I believe it it was in of the episodes were Renton hallucinates in the cave but I could be wrong.

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ah yes this was when the show started to take off for me. Yes eureka is a key person and a key plot point....but what about her double? Figured her our yet ;)

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