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And.... we're back. And what bad timing! This episode would’ve been a perfect one to watch on Valentine’s Day. It’s all about love, tenderness and the small, simple things you can do to make your significant other know how much you care. Of course, this is a shonen or seinen anime (whichever - - it’s for guys,) so don’t go expecting any of these deep feelings to be expressed physically outside of some nigh-platonic hugs.

They say love is about never having to say you’re sorry. While I’d say he still owes an apology or two, still, Holland has perhaps comes more-or-less full circle from the deplorable bully he was about ten episodes ago. I’d say he’s become fully sympathetic, but that really depends on how old he and Talho are intended to be. Over/under, what do you lunatics figure? Early 30's? Or are they still in their 20's? It’s easier to let some things slide if they’re still fairly young and, following that, less savvy about how to handle being in over their heads like this. Harder if they're older.

While I’m asking questions, I’d also like a little clarification regarding this planet they’re on - - you know, the very crux of this whole rebellion. So are Corallians just supposed to be the name for humans who’ve grown up on this planet instead of their native Earth? Or are they supposed to be the inhuman indigenous lifeforms like the sky fish, the monster protozoa, the KLOs and Eureka, etc.?

This seems to be another major plot point that’s been left up to subtle hints and the viewer’s inference for this entire series. The big difference being, of course, that this would at least seem like a major motivator for the characters’ behavior - - one you think they’d really need to put out there make us get a much-needed grasp on why the Gekkos are flying around like they are. I’m not necessarily complaining yet, but… depending on how the answer spins out, this is likely going to be a long overdue answer.

Watch this episode, "Animal Attack" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The issue of where the story takes place and what Coralians are will be (mostly) addressed before the series ends. On the topic of the location, the planet's population seems to have either forgotten, ignored, or never learned where they ended up, and that is one of the motivations for Dewey's plot.

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Humans are humans, Scub Coral's Scub Coral. Eureka... is somewhere in the middle? And that's pretty much what the next few episodes are about so you can just hold your horses and keep watching. :P

But I'm pretty sure a few things have been stated already, like humans having lived on this planet for a long while now, at least several generations. So Talho pointing out that Eureka's a Corallian wouldn't be as much of a reveal if that was just the name for natives. Also her reaction to the Antibodies that were released by the planet.

I think you taking a break might not have been the best idea.

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Yup Yup all of those questions will be answered in the episodes to come. I kinda feel like at this part of the series theres gonna be alot of lovey dovey stuff for a few episodes until they get back on track with the action. your going to see alot of bad guy movement in this part of the series you may not understand at first but its all setting up for the end game.

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Actually Eureka's supposed to be a Coralian designed to resemble a human both physically and biologically but not mentally. The latter being what her character development is centered around as her relationship with Renton continues to grow.

As for what Coralians really are well......that would be spoiling an episode that airs 3 or 4 episodes prior to the ending. Not to mention other factors before even that. Relax, patience is a virtue with this series.

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While their age is never stated in the show, the bandai website had Talho's age at 26 and Hollands age at 29.

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