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EUREKA SEVEN’s digging a little deeper into the vinyl with this episode’s title reference. A Stones song? Now that we know that the people on this world have long since left from Earth, the 60s must be antediluvian pre-history as far as they’re concerned.

Of course, while we’re on the subject of old things, I’m sure I share the sentiment of many when I say that mean ol’ grampa Axel makes up for a lot of his curmudgeonly behavior in this. It’s unconventional to see such sacrifice and heroics centered around the delivery of a giant surf board, sure, but it’s unmistakably stirring stuff that reaches an irresistible emotional crescendo at the end with the letter he leaves for Renton. I wasn’t necessarily struggling to hold back some less-than-manly tears like young master Thurston was, but I was definitely moved.

I haven’t commented on this yet, but there’s a lot of interesting doubling (and even tripling) in this show. Enough to give my old English teachers plenty of material for class discussions. You’ve got Anemone and her minder doubling for Eureka and Renton, right? And now, as if that weren’t enough, they’ve got their own trio of precocious multicultural kids to mirror Eureka’s “children.” I don’t know if there’s necessarily a point to be drawn aside here from the fact that it perhaps defines the heroes’ character more strongly through comparison… but it’s still worth noting. So there.

I’m going to guess that this is the conclusion of another arc in this show, although I can’t say what the increment it is. All I know is that the theme song will show up whenever we reach a particular threshold, and it sure made its presence known once they unleashed the rainbow powers. I get the feeling it’s going to show up, yet again, for that “CARE BEARS power of rainbows” ending you’ve all been warning me about, as well.

Watch this episode, "Start It Up" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Oh hey, you've been told about the ending? Aww, that's kind of a shame. But don't worry, that one gets an extra special song.

On topic though, what I like about this show is that they don't keep navelgazing and dwelling on the same dilemma endlessly. Yeah, Eureka has a bit of a breakdown thanks to her connection to the antibodies but she'll get better. Which proves that this is nothing like EVA. :P

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Yeah the ending has an extra special awesome song (well songs, because several new ones show up are unique to one scene) that you will probably go searching for the ost.

Yeah there's more to Anemone than meets the eye, lets just say this she's crazy for a very good reason.

But there isn't much navel gazing, and the characters do pull themselves together when they need to, so there's none of that.

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I swear to god I didn't make a second account to agree with myself.

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@paulunga: it would be better with a little more navel gazing. I hope all he has been told about the ending is that it didn't work well. I've been harping on that from the beginning and I did mention that he should play some Beatles before he watches it. I've tried to keep anything more hinting than that in spoiler blocks though. You are right to note the comparisons between am and eureka here, which is all I am going to say about that. (though you can always use more comparative literature).

I didn't see this as the ending of an arc but I see how you can see it that way. What happens from here on out is pretty connected together and tied to the main story (which yes we are getting to now).

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