EUREKA SEVEN #31 -- Watch & Learn

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Where's Ms. Frizzle when you need her? Hur hur hur...
Where's Ms. Frizzle when you need her? Hur hur hur...

Let that be a lesson, kids. You should always grab a kiss as soon as you’ve got the chance, ‘cause you just never know if you’re girl’s going to be suddenly pulled away because a mecha’s having mood swings or some giant protozoa are massacring an entire city.

You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve needed to say “What the F@#$ did I just watch?!?!” while watching an anime, and… well… this episode ends with hundreds or thousands of defenseless getting blown up but what’s more-or-less a MAGIC SCHOOL BUS lesson gone horribly wrong.

I’ve brought up a few times and, the further along we get, the more true it seems- - this definitely feels like a spiritual successor to EVA. If the damaged psyches and flights of batshit insanity don’t speak to that, then the newly-unveiled origins of the Nirvash and KLOs certainly do. Whether they’re dug up from the ground or cloned in some Freudian-minded lab, they’re both tech-outfitted giants.

We’re getting a lot of the exposition that you’d normally get in the first episode, not the 31st. Not sure if this is a case where I’d actually prefer explanations. The stuff with the royal family seems like it’s a world away from the regular plot, in more ways than one, and I’m not sure I really understood what was going on during all those dialog scenes in the royal palace. I did get the gist about the protozoa being the planet’s macro-sized antibodies, at least. That’s a concept that’s actually been explored in a fair number of superhero comics, actually.

Speaking of not understanding patches of dialog, I’m not sure I totally get what the situation is between Holland and Tahlo. I honestly thought they were trying to allude to her being pregnant in the last episode when they said she needed to "stop dressing that way." And they don’t really seem broken up by any stretch, either (unless she’s the kind of chick who just doesn’t get a hint.)

Watch this episode, "Animal Attack" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I told you to brace yourself for this one. I actually know the WTF sentiment you felt since I remember when I saw this episode back in 2006 and was rendered speechless for a few minutes. As gruesome as the on air deaths were, the ones that seem to be even more deadly were the ones that took place off camera (like the one in the image you used for this episode). It doesn't help that the episodes leave you with more questions than answers but things will become clearer as you may have guessed already.

And the same goes for Holland and Talho. They have a few things to work out still before things become stable between the two of them. Just, this episode always threw me for a loop. The last episode, we have nice exposition and cute scenes. Even then, this episode begins with apologies over washing dishes and some funny, heartwarming moments. Then the antibodies come in and lets just say that scene with the mom and son will never leave my mind.

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They do eventually say why Talho shouldn't dress the way she does, so you just just need to sit tight and pay close attention to the way she is acting and what they are implying about her personality. I wouldn't say Eureka 7 is like EVA (its too positive for me to say that), though this series is very brutal.

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You think this is f-ed up? Only gonna get more disturbing near the end. Wait until you get the backstory to Commander Dewey (that commander they let out of prison 26 or so episodes ago that we've barely heard anything about lately) or Anemone. ("Evil Eureka") Thankfully though, we have just as many positive moments to get through first.

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Ah I don't know if he had figured out Anemone yet you shouldn't have said that. The parralles to eva were what attracted me to this show and here I really began to like the show more, and I do think the exposition you get works better here because you care more for the characters. Doing the exposition later, like in most novels, can work much better than front loading it (I'd bring up a particular show here...but you would just trash it). I had the same response as you to this episode and I loved it. The what the hell did I just watch felling is a lot of the reason I watch anime (as long as it isn't in the last episode of a series as it was in berserk)...

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