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You know, we’ve gotten a solid hour to acquaint ourselves with this universe and I’m still not entirely sure who the good and bad guys are supposed to be. Oh, I can tell what their general deal is - - but we still haven’t been properly introduced. Maybe that’s all meant to put me in Renton’s shoes and keep my awareness paced with his, but it would sure help knowing what the battle or war or whatever was all about during these big dog fights. Are these borderline-bureaucratic space ship crews supposed to be the arm of some oppressive dictatorship? Are the blue girl and her friends supposed to be rebels? Or are they another gang of air pirates?

I ultimately decided not to follow AQUARION because its cliffhanger didn’t hook me, but I appreciated how it at least had a prologue to give me a quick primer on what was what. Something like that would’ve helped here, because I feel like I’ve missed a fairly large and significant chunk of exposition.

Without that elusive comprehension of this world of sky-surfing mecha, I once again have to just cling on to the simple emotional core. I’ll tip my hat to this show for presenting Renton’s awkward romantic woes through some genuinely-clever jokes. I got a chuckle out of him consulting what must’ve been JUNIOR MEN’S HEALTH for tips on how to evade the deadly “friend zone” with this gal, and his prolonged, stupefied reaction to her children was a right solid gag. For as lame as it is to find out a girl’s taken, it’s just got to be astronomically lamer to find out she’s got kids.

Of course, I’m going to make the prediction that there’s more to this “revelation” than meets the eye. I’m betting those kids are her adopted “children." She's... she’s their mother in the way that Wendy’s mother to the Lost Boys! Anybody want to bet against that? I’ll throw down +5000 Honorary XP to make it interesting.

Watch this episode, "Motion Blue” hereand decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Exposition is not Eureka Seven's strong point. They were juggling so many themes in the beginning episodes I didn't really know which way the series would go. I liked Code Geass because it was clear what sides existed and what their goals were, so when the mecha action happened I know who was trying to accomplish what.

It is recommended to read a prologue somewhere about the basic plot to E7. The Renten "discovering himself" phase takes a few more episodes, and then some. Again, don't feel compelled to watch a show you aren't enjoying.

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They start twisting things around in the next couple areas to show a bit more of the plot- but the fact that they take as long as they do- and that the plot points are illogical- if not just not so compelling- do not do this show any favors in my mind.

If you can continue to watch Renton's romantic/social antics for the rest of a show- you might have something for you here.

Otherwise- the other characters don't really get enough time on the screen to really become likeable/hateable.

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The plot is indeed tailored to be more of Renton's story than anything else, so don't expect to get any clear answers to the main conflict anytime soon. Renton himself doesn't find out about what his group is even doing until about 25-26 episodes in. I take that less as him being extremely thick and more of him making his number one priority to get in Eureka's pants.

Apparently, puberty clouds one's judgement.

I'll add this one note: any child who is able to pilot a killing machine more efficiently than the adults on their team always has a fucked-up past. Always.

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So- Question: Is Renton voiced by the same voice actor as Naruto?

Maybe its that- but it seems like these early stages of the show are like a very anti-climactic and drawn out interpretation of the same plot/personality of Naruto's relationship development course. Though they are relatively standard bits in general.

Apologies for punching at this show quite to this degree. I'm just not sure what to like about it. Some of it feels quite grounded- which is nice- but then- kind of like the intermittent flight scenes- it floats into seemingly off the wall- for the show- territory.

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@LifeByDegrees: Renton is voiced by Johnny Young Bosch, who does not voice Naruto. Also, while the fight scenes don't always fit together with the focus on Renton and Eureka, I felt they stayed fairly grounded (with the possible exception being when a certain LFO/KLF, which you may or may not have seen yet, was involved). The only parts that I thought were really off the wall were in the episodes 'Acperience 1' and 'Acperience 2', although they do make a little bit more sense after reaching the end of the series.

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I am watching this myself and you'll understand most of it by episode 30.

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