EUREKA SEVEN #29 -- Watch & Learn

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I hope she blew her nose with a hanky before this...
I hope she blew her nose with a hanky before this...

Nice of Talho to finally lay it all out for everybody like that.

So Eureka’s like some incarnate Earth spirit? Or a humanoid version of one the mecha hatchlings we saw growing underground in that one episode a while back with the miner who tried to jack the Nirvash? That’s still a little icky, but kudos to the show for coming up with an explanation more creative than her just being another bio-engineered clone or whatever.

I haven’t decided if it’s too great a suspension of disbelief that Renton would go this long without…

A) Knowing about his old man’s world-changing exploits.

B) Somebody bringing those world-changing exploits up for all the time he’s been on Gekkostate.

It’s all largely contingent on how sheltered he was while staying with his gramps in those sleepy suburbs, I suppose. Luke Skywalker’s upbringing looks positively worldly by comparison, and he was living in the desert. It’s also contingent on how aware the Gekkostate crew was when they were taking him on board and then how crafty they were about keeping him in the dark. Not only would it be a far more elaborate version of the prank they pulled on him when they sent him out for a “field mission,” it would also be an even deeper manipulation than he experienced while with the Beams. In that case, this adds a chamber of ignorance or two to Renton’s whole journey through the allegorical Platonic cave.

On another topic, I’ve been meaning to bring up RAY=OUT for a while, but haven’t had as good a reason to until this check-up on Axel. It actually is a pretty brilliant flourish to the mythos of this rebellion to have Gekkostate essentially waging their own propaganda assault with a zine. I’ve joked a lot about how the crew’s basically like a REAL WORLD cast in mecha and, when you think about it, this is probably one of the first things the cast would do if they ever started something really political (I.E. a rebellion.)

Watch this episode, "Keep On Movin’" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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yes what eureka is will become more clear and more important soon. Don't forget the other female we have seen that she seems to have a connection to...

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@zaldar said:

Don't forget the other female we have seen that she seems to have a connection to...

That's one of the things that I've never quite grasped through multiple watchings of the series; I get the big picture, but the specifics are still a little fuzzy.

Edit: On that line of thought, there were a number of things that the series ostensibly explains, but for the life of me I can't connect the dots.

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