EUREKA SEVEN #24 -- Watch & Learn

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Don't let the Sun go down on me, oh no...
Don't let the Sun go down on me, oh no...

See, here’s another example of behavior girls can get away with that would otherwise get boys branded as creepers, perverts, weirdos, etc., by society. Eureka’s longing for Renton so bad now that she actually puts his clothes on and sort-of assumes his identity on board? That’s cute. Romantic, even. Switch the parties, though, and it ceases to be so rather quickly. It’d be almost as bad him as him adding her on Facebook because he was friend of one of her friends and he thought her profile pic was cute!

That aside, I guess the writing stuff must have been winding their dramatic spindles up this whole time, because the show’s been hitting one emotional crescendo after another over this last batch of episodes. You’ve got the aforementioned Renton-less fretting going on in Gekkostate, of course, which has underscored some real pathos into their whole “Real World cast in a space ship” situation. Then there’s titular loss of the small slice of paradise Renton’s found with his almost-surrogate parents which - - I’ll readily fess up to - - really hits my sensitivities.

Initially, I saw some broad similarities this show shared with CODE GEASS. However, while that show was such a campy Grand Guignol, this show’s been approaching the gray morality of rebellion in a more honest and less sensationalistic fashion. Both Renton and Charles’ reaction to their respective secrets felt real and, again, the series benefits by focusing their emotional turmoil in specific actions instead of the generalities that EVA sometimes got so hazy about. Particularly, there’s the visual metaphor of the pie (which represents this potential family unit.) The fact that it’s still warm when it’s thrown out really sells these characters’ desperate wish to forge a bond before reason gets the better of them all.

Again, for an anime especially, I’ve been really impressed by how much more subtle this show’s gotten about its drama lately.

It made * SNIFF * for one really * SNIFF * heartbreaking episode.

Watch this episode, "Paradise Lost" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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You see, I feel these "emotional crescendos" would've been totally ineffective if they weren't preceded by the show's slow--oft times either overly mellow or overly dramatic--introduction to the characters, the world, and some of their history.

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I agree with that but the crescendo's got a little to ridiculous for me and went to places that rather than making me cry just made me go REALLY? But maybe I am to hard. I will be interested to see what you think of the end.

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