EUREKA SEVEN #23 -- Watch & Learn

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He seriously needs to button up that shirt, though.
He seriously needs to button up that shirt, though.

Wow. Strong episode. It would work well, even if it were just a one-off.

This show’s been taking an interesting turn lately that reminds me a bit of the SPIDER-MAN movies, actually. The first couple, at least. See, those both were just good character dramas that almost incidentally involved superheroics. Indeed, there was a perfunctory attitude about all the action Spidey and his villains - - a sense, almost, that they were just standard ingredients to bait genre fans in for the human interest stuff that Raimi and his crew were more interested in doing. With mecha being the de facto equivalent of superheroes in anime, I’m sure a similar situation evolves where fans and animators are familiar enough with the genre that its conventional elements become almost incidental.

Which is perhaps a more theoretical, highfalutin way of saying that I’m more interested in what’s going on when these people are outside their big suits than when they’re in actually in them.

Gekkostate’s crew is essentially acting out the ideal fantasy that every runaway has when they’re heading out the door. Not only are they starting to miss little Renton, they’re realizing how terrible they are for not appreciating him like they should have and getting desperate about getting him back. He may not admit, but this exactly what the little scamp wanted to happen.

Of course, Renton’s really winning on both fronts, at the moment, since the Beams are proving to be a far better foster family than either of his previous ones. Most times, you might roll your eyes about characters behaving as irrationally as Renton does during his mad rush to save the Vodarac girl; but, again, it’s handled so well here that it just fits. This is exactly the kind of unseasoned idealism that a teenager would have, and the fact the Beams are so understanding of that at the end really made this as moving as any “normal” family drama. I like this show for not being afraid to depict such a hero as the awkward do-gooder he actually would be.

Watch this episode, "Differentia" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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This is probably one of the most memorable parts in the entire series, there's some great story development with Ray, Charles and Renton.

I just realized that the children are named after Maurice Maeterlinck, a famous artist/poet/writer, who was an important figure of the symbolist movement. Also, Ray Charles... man have I always been this blind? *dizzy face*

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Man, this is perhaps one of my all time favourite animes.

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@AURON570: How about the Gekkostate's technicians Jobs (the bald guy) and Woz (the guy with a TV on his head), named after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (founders of Apple)?

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@yllekkram said:

@AURON570: How about the Gekkostate's technicians Jobs (the bald guy) and Woz (the guy with a TV on his head), named after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (founders of Apple)?

Also Gidget and Moondoggie who are references to Frederick Kohner characters. Anyone else feel like taking a stab at some name references?

Let's see if Tom will feel the same way about the Beams arc as me once it's over (referring to an earlier comment). I do think those are some of the best episodes from the entire series, all the happenings after Eureka gets stuck in goo and what it does for the crew's character development.

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@AURON570: I totally agree. These are the first episodes I think of when I remember the series; these, and that episode where Renton and Eureka are flying together on his hoverboard.

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These couple of episodes really where the high-points of this show for me. Shame about the rest ( as I explained in on of the first episode posts) These episodes though really stuck with me. Great characters, decent writing, and it brought out some realy interesting moments. Ethical questions really putting renton of balance..

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I think this is the only episode of Eureka Seven I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure it was on the Sci-Fi channel years ago.

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