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Eyes powered by the same raspberry jam?
Eyes powered by the same raspberry jam?

Perhaps “substance” is code for “minor” in the world of EUREKA 7, because the only thing that’s getting abused as far as I can see is Renton. Maybe this is another matter about the underage which the Japanese are just more OK with as culture, but… good lord, Holland is really kicking the shit out of him. Maybe I’d satisfied that the crew’s finally calling their leader out on this pathetic behavior, but their comments seem insufficient considering how, just in the episode alone, he belts Renton’s head into a metal bar and then shoves him off a balcony.

Renton shakes off the damage like Wile E. Coyote, of course, but this has really started to feel like THEY CAGE THE MECHA AT NIGHT or something. The episode even ends with him turning into a violent sociopath because of all this physical and mental abuse. Even if they end up revealing that the Nirvash is like Spider-Man and Venom’s symbiote suit (which the visions of the climatic freak out strongly suggest,) I’ll insist on reading it this way. If only he was beating Holland’s mecha to a scrap at theend, instead…

You know, watching the incompetence of Holland’s leadership get pointed out like this makes me think again of how the rules of averages and percentages might apply to escapist fiction. The lion’s share of titles you watch in a particular genre will focus on heroes who’re meant to be the best at what they do - - the strongest, the bravest, the wisest, etc. Watch enough of that stuff, though and you start thinking about what the mediocre in their field must look like because, by the law of averages, they have to be there, lurking around the edges of what you’re seeing.

Watching this, I can’t help but think that Renton may have had a better time if he crossed paths with the “right” rebels. Instead, he’s run in with the incompetent ones, and all his potential to be a legendary mecha pilot is being squandered for it.

Just a thought.

Watch this episode, "Substance Abuse" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Post by zaldar (1,366 posts) See mini bio Level 15 you start to see some of the issues I had with this. Yes these are not really heroic people. Renton and eureka become heroic..kinda...but I still prefer eva to this by leaps and bounds.

All you need is love, love is all you need! Yeah is no substitute for hard work, and the lifestyle and theme this show promotes leaves a lot to be desired.
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Your respect for Renton is about to increase in the next arc.

First spoiler let's just say that they need Renton more than Renton needs them, and Renton realizes this.

Though yes, Holland is purposefully failing epically at his role of a mentor, and leader, because of jealously (over what?,well watch and see though there were already clues in this episode). And no beating up a minor like Renton was beaten isn't okay in Japan, heck it isn't even okay in universe. And Holland is considered a prick for doing it.

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Yeah, of all things, beating children isn't exactly seen as a good thing in Japan to my knowledge. Which, I suppose, adds an extra degree of 'Holy crap' behind Holland's actions. They are genuinely bad actions.

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From what i understand, Japanese culture basically says, "if you have a problem, deal with it yourself and don't bother anyone with it."

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The series is as much about Holland growing up as Renton. In a way he feels even less mature at the start of the series. Something Talho loves pointing out, about him coming to grips with not being chosen by the underage girl (something I still think is hella creepy). And also people do realize that he's kind of a crappy leader sometimes, which I can appreciate. He does get better eventually but he was probably my least favourite character during the first half of the series.

On a completely different note, just having started rewatching this series with you I have to say that I totally forgot how great the openings are. Can't wait for the next one (if I remember them correctly)!

Edit: OH YEAH!

Watching this, I can’t help but think that Renton may have had a better time if he crossed paths with the “right” rebels. Instead, he’s run in with the incompetent ones, and all his potential to be a legendary mecha pilot is being squandered for it.

Just hold on to that thought.

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