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"Prospector Pete." Hur hur hur....
"Prospector Pete." Hur hur hur....

Finally, the kid shows some backbone. Maybe he read my write-up on the last episode?

I’ve griped a little about the more leisurely pace the show’s been on lately, but this was definitely a preferable instance of an episode balancing character development and plot development (even as the latter wasn’t especially important to the greater sweep of the series.) Honestly, it was enough to see Renton using his experience with his cranky grandpa to handle the ornery miner (let’s call him "Prospector Pete") and then not be totally obliging to Eureka for once. If he can’t exert how he feels to her, he can at least stop being her door mat.

Holland doesn’t get as much character development, per se, but he does get defined more as a character, I suppose (especially as far as his relationships with the crew go.) You definitely do get the sense the sense that this a younger guy with a lot of leadership ability, but not enough experience yet to temper it with more effective managerial finesse. His beat downs of Renton are happening enough to start looking like child abuse if the age gap between the two proves to be wide enough. It’s a fine line that separates a father figure and an “older brother” figure when it comes to acceptability of dealing out knuckle sandwiches like that.

Perhaps it’s been left intentionally vague, or perhaps it’ll be cleared up more as this all goes along. The show’s so far shown a preference for saving key exposition until later, with this episode’s revelation that LFO’s are somehow grown underground being the latest example. I guess the implication is that some alien asteroid burrowed underground and let these things loose in the soil like so many over-sized alien microbes? If that’s the case, it’s got to be the weirdest angle I’ve seen on mecha since EVA’s cloned, tied-up, giant mothers.

Watch this episode, "Ill Communication" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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ah yes where the mechs came from...can't say anything..just wait for the second summer of love.

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