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Huh. Looks like somebody we know.
Huh. Looks like somebody we know.

Hap busting Renton’s chops about Eureka was the highlight for me in this one. Sometimes a good razzin’ is in order to shake a guy to his senses, and somebody needed to point out to this kid that he isn’t actually in any kind of relationship with the blue-haired pixie with the schizophrenia problems. Well, there are some strong hints that that they’ve got some psychic connection that’s giving them both their share of headaches, but I’m, of course, talking about the Facebook status sort of relationship. Somebody’s got to push Renton along into “nutting up or shutting up” regarding that.

I’d seem redundant to comment on how this batch of episodes has been ambling along like a Sunday drive considering how the characters actually do go on a picnic. I don’t need every episode to have high octane mecha mayhem, of course. We got a teeny bit of it last time, in fact. It just feels like things have been moving along at a much more leisurely pace, lately. I suppose this is just the calm after the storm, unless we’ve got some real nastiness lurking around the corner.

Then again, this episode ends with the threat of a "Second Summer of Love," so I don’t suppose there’s anything too terribly bad lurking on the horizon. Once again, I have to wonder how much of this would get re-worked in the dub, because that’s got to sound even more ridiculous than it reads. And, seeing as how “kiss” and “smile” don’t seem to translate into Japanese, I also have to wonder if our friends over the Pacific did either such things before Commodore Perry dropped anchors on their shores.

On another note, I did find it amusing that the Gekko’s sheeting is apparently made out of those sky fish. Something rather… primeval about that.

OK. Thinking about what there was to discuss in this one, the macro arc in this show better get rolling.

Watch this episode, "Sky Rock Gate" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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This arc is a short one and it is followed by a longer arc which has a few moments of real nastiness. The macro arc becomes the focus after these arcs, but all the intervening episodes are fairly interesting. At this point, you've seen most of the "unimportant" episodes that involve shopping, picking fruit, picnics, etc., so I hope you keep going.

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As yllekkram stated, the macro arc is going to pick up starting in the next two episodes with the catalyst spanning over episodes 18 and 19. I think the best way to describe the somewhat lax plot and stories over the past few episodes are to show some character development and linger on the boundaries between Renton and Eureka before they move on with it.

Although, as I think of it in retrospect, the relationship they have at first is a bit of a cutesy one where they sort of dote on one another. But its better than the two of them just starring miserably at one another as jealously and frustration fill Eureka's mind with loneliness in Renton's.

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@Wales: Is that an Evangelion reference at the end or something else?

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yes...some real nasty stuff is coming up..including the show going off the rails....and yeah I always thought the second summer of love sounded ridiculous...but I expect it is a direct reference to the sixties in America..since the show does in the end seem to have a very similar theme to that time period. Remember play some Beetles before you watch the last few episodes...

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Honestly, I liked the caption better when it read "Some days, you mecha."

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