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Blood or jam? The question endures.
Blood or jam? The question endures.

You know, when I was first covering EVANGELION for this site, I never really understood the popular complaint that Shinji wasn’t assertive enough. Never mind that the kid always took care of business when the time called for it, anyway. His fraught nerves and timidity were what made him memorable as character. Take those qualities away, and you’ve got another cookie cutter leading man.

That said...

Renton being such a dweeb around Eureka has really worn thin. Even if I can suspend my disbelief that this skysurfing daredevil is having such basic confidence issues, I’m getting a little frustrated by how this relationship hasn’t evolved much at all over 17 odd episodes. Not even after Renton babysits Eureka’s kids, not even after he discovers that she’s got mass murder in her past. Either she should’ve warmed up to him, by now, or he should’ve been turned off by her cold shoulder and long-past-cute creepiness. This isn’t like some middle school crush that can be kept in stasis by the unfortunate timing of class periods. They’re living with each other in the same cramp space ship, day in, day out.

So hopefully the closing line hints at some long-due forward movement in this affair.

While the hallucinations weren’t as extravagant as the last time Renton, Eureka and Anemone shared themselves some ghoulish trip, it did hit a lot of the points I figure had already been covered in that episode. These three scamps share some sort of psychic link, and it gets exacerbated whenever the evil twin goes long enough without an injection of her Valium-fortified strawberry jam. It was cool to see Renton/Nirvash save his crush by smacking the goblin girl back in the vision, and it was cringe-inducing to see him make a series of head-smacking-ly stupid comments to her in reality (right?)…

…but this still felt like an “in-between” episode. I guess we’re still a long, comfortable distance from the destination and there’s no need to rush, but I still want somebody to hit the gas.

Watch this episode, "Opposite View" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Renton's passive nature towards things, specifically his relationship with Eureka, is a complaint among most that have looked at the surface of the series. And I would be lying if I didn't say that it bugged me too. I probably sound bias when I say that Renton's attitude changes after the 20's but its true. The thing about the show is it is intended to show Renton maturing from a young boy to a man who understands how the world works. As well as Holland isn't going to make things better (trust me, he does a number in Episode 18 that literally comes out of no where and makes no sense but it strengthens the gap).

That and the biggest block in between the two is somewhat centered around the Nirvash and Renton displaying his talent to pilot it individually since Eureka was the only one who could do it before; a feeling that she is being replaced. Honestly, her lethargic demeanor over the past few episodes make her looked depressed which makes sense in context.

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yup pretty much everything that Wales said is correct. Much like life things at times move slowly in this show and things develop slowly. Remember Renton is like what 15? I didn't know what to do with girls at all when I was 15...yeah I had one I liked but I didn't even hold hands (but then as established in the thread on kiki I had issues apparently). Around here was where the show got interesting to me really. Much like Code Geass I watched the first few episodes of this one and then dropped it because it didn't seem to do much...then word of mouth got me back...and then when I had finished it..I wished I hadn't.

Minor spoiler below decide for yourself what you want to do

don't worry renton and eureka do advance the the point where it gets annoying especially in the way it ends.

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Remember, 51 episode series. I think they used that as an excuse to take what was a 26 episode series and stretch it out way past what was necessary.

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Man, Renton is at least twice as manly as Shinji.

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Nyehh. I think Shinji is a really classic character, call me captain obvious, but I think the way he's kind of embarassed of himself makes you feel less guilty for staring at Rei and Osuka. One of the problems as manga and anime go forward seems to be having lead characters that are more classicly Western, heroes without a dramatic philosophy or family values, they sometimes just need to bust out and kick a bunch of ass then screw the prom queen. IMHO.

That being said; Evangelion was one the best things I ever saw and if it hadn't been for all the awkwardness I think the end would of just jarred me out of ever liking it anyway, s'prolly a delicate balance.

Also have to admit, I'm struggling to get into Eureka 7, as much as I really, really want to love it somehow I can't find a way too.

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