EUREKA SEVEN #15 -- Watch & Learn

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He's angry because he doesn't get the reference.
He's angry because he doesn't get the reference.

All right! This is the first time I’ve got what song the episode’s title's referencing since EUREKA 7’s first tipping-of-the-hat to New Order. As it happens, “Human Behavior” is one of Bjork’s better ditties - - I’m even listening to it, right now. I’d feel cool for being hip to this jive, but I can’t actually tell how the song relates to this episode’s plot, so I suppose I’m still uncool. Ah well…

I haven’t decided if it works or if it doesn’t, but this show’s gone about establishing the important details on an unusual route. A circuitous one. The fact that Renton’s the son of this famous war hero, Adroc… you’d think that’s a card that’d be dealt pretty clearly from the first shuffle. As it stands, they haven’t really pressed on the point until this episode, and I suppose the effect is the same as it would be if we were new members of Gekkostate, too. We don’t know much about the crew came together and this new guy won’t tell us much about himself until the situation forces his hand (like, say, his uncle capturing him.)

Actually, by the way, I have to say that the naming in his family is all over the place, nationality wise. His uncle’s named Yukatan? How many ponds are this family tree's roots running into?

This was a solid told-in-one. Even if we’ve learned about the scarier foundation of Gekkostate’s formation, they still haven’t quite shaken off the image of being like brash REAL WORLD housemates. The fact that all this capture and intrigue results from the latest, spurious health conscious craze amongst the crew certainly goes along with that. It’s not every day that you see the usual dangers of a mecha anime juxtaposed with the concern of whose turn it is to stock the fridge this week. Aside from the surf board, I honestly can’t tell the Nirvash apart from any mecha suit I’ve seen before, but this sort of thing most definitely sets the show apart from any mecha show I’ve watched.

Watch this episode, "Human Behavior" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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There are reasons for the naming and the fact they seem to come from different places that will be revealed. Good catch. Never paid to much attention to the titles, may have to check up on that if I rewatch this soon. The laziness of the gecko state kind of got to me..even when it became obvious the world was very screwed up and they had seen most of why and so didn't want to be a part of it still got to me...the occupy stuff gets to me for a similar reason actually....

Anyway things get a bit more serious after this if memory serves, and for that reason more interesting.

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