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Sooooo... exactly which kind of cancer is the bad guy showing his solidarity for?
Sooooo... exactly which kind of cancer is the bad guy showing his solidarity for?

Was this episode guest-directed by somebody at Gainax? There are no bouncy boobies, sure, but the vision/hallucination/trip imagery sure seems their vintage, especially since it isn’t the generic dream imagery you see most times characters are receiving cryptic omens about the future. I’m not sure what Renton running from one occupied stall to another and then getting pushed into a giant flushing toiler bowl means (unless he drank a gallon of apple juice before going under,) but it was damn sure a creative choice.

Seriously, the last time I seriously felt like somebody else took over a show was when I saw that borderline-unwatchable episode of GURREN LAGANN and, sure enough, that was handled by a guest director (and, as I recall, he did a bad enough job to get fired.) Hell, even the mecha surfing action that I got a little dismissive about last episode got vastly more thrilling in this go-round. Maybe everybody at Bones had an off-week when they made the last one, but I’ve got an almost-certain hunch that there had to be something different about this one.

The conflict with the in-descript, as-of-yet-unidentified, bureaucratic bad guys ratchets up in this episode, as well, and we even see a little honor in these scoundrels when there’s some disagreement over whether it’s OK to totally waste Gekkostate. I still feel like it’d all be more effective if we’d actually gotten proper introductions. We’re 12 episodes in - - roughly four hours of screen time - - and I still don’t know what their deal is aside from the fact that’ll indulge in a massacre every now and then. Perhaps that’ll create tension and ambiguity for some. For me, it’s just presented me with probably the most notably boring “evil empire” I’ve encountered in any story of plucky rebels. They might as well be the IRS, as far as I’m concerned (which makes the colorful freakiness of Renton’s visions all the more appealing.)

Watch this episode, "Acpierence" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The way I see it, this anime was never really about who the "bad guys" are. It's called EUREKA SEVEN. The politics, government, armies are more of a backdrop used to create the world in which the main story between Eureka and Renton takes place.

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This episode is actually titled "Acperience 1", and there are are also episodes titled Acperience 2, 3, and 4 spread throughout the remainder of the series.

I agree with AURON570. I think this particular world was chosen to give the creators an excuse to animate fights with sky-surfing mecha and to keep the Gekko flying around. Also, the military in Eureka Seven is similar to the military in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood; while the military, as a whole, are the bad guys, the members that it is composed of are not necessarily evil. It's certainly no excuse for not introducing them, but I think they start to address that issue next episode.

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I don't think Eureka Seven was ever about the "bad guys". It seemed like more of an excuse to have uniquely flying mecha. Which to me didn't really make sense because why not just put boosters on the mecha themselves? Do the physics in the E7 universe not work that way or somethin?

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It wouldn't take as much skill I expect to fly a mecha if you put boosters on them and this was supposed to mimic surfing on waves I suspect as well. I like slower shows more than you do but yeah they did put less emphasis on the bad guys which did get old after awhile. They did start to put some focus on them eventually which was nice but still started to fall apart there. Will be interesting to see what you think of things as it continues.

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