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Topic started by colorbrandon on April 13, 2012. Last post by LordTerminal 2 years, 10 months ago.
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So episode one, Born Slippy, aired this week (April 12th 2012). I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and some of the questions that haven't left my mind since watching the episode.

Ao's hair is brown. YES. YES YES YES! This is a remarkably good deviation from the manga and from expectations

Though the preview for next week's episode shows him sporting turquoise hair, obviously this has something to do with him piloting the nirvash.

Speaking of deviations from the manga, I love how much more attention to detail the anime has and how many more characters have already been introduced (like Peid Piper).

While they have decided to add a few expository things, I am glad that they have left a few cliche's out, like the numerous flashbacks that Ao just happens to recall. But what is most offsetting to me is the setting and the time frame. I don't want to discuss too much about the ending of Eureka Seven, but I am not sure how the chronology of the setting is laid out. The fact that they can still run FP's on trapar and other things confuses me.

Nostalgia Bombs:

When Ao says "To be continued" at the end of the episode.

But things I am looking forward to in the story line are:

1. What are these "secrets," "g-monsters," and the importance of the Seven Swell Phenomenon.

2. The cameo appearance of Holland and Talho's child. This definitely needs to happen. He/she would be about the same age as Ao I would feel (maybe a few years older).

Anyway, I would love to talk to anyone about this. I don't think I'll be doing any wiki work for this series though.

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I never read the manga. So I hope not to see spoilers here. Please, use the spoiler block if anyone does. I didn't watch the preview of next weeks episode, neither.

On this episode. I could sort of tell he was their child by looking at his eyes. If I'm wrong, then I'll find out in the next few weeks. The art is as per usually of BONES, amazing! They showed that there is a lot of secrets and showed hints at them as well. The music isn't as good as E7 though. Wasn't expecting it to be though. The kid reminds me so much of Renton, which I like because I liked Renton very much.

I just WISH the blu-ray box set of all 50 episodes of Eureka Seven came out in England. :'(

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1 episode in and I'm already really confused. Usually it took the original series 12 episodes to hit me with that feeling. I'm kinda having conflicting opinions on this series now.

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