Eucliwood Hellsythe

Eucliwood Hellsythe is a anime/manga character in the Is this a Zombie? franchise
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A necromancer who lives in the Underworld who resurrected Ayumu Aikawa as a Zombie to be her bodyguard and a constant companion. Due to her immense amount of mana she is unable to speak. She communicates with either a simple smile or by writing her thoughts and ideas.


Eucliwood is originally from the Underworld. But her time staying in the Underworld for so long is unknown, during those days while she was still in the Underworld it is known she was a part of the Seventh Abyss where she was close friends with Naegleria Nebiros , whom of which crafted Eu's armor and gauntlets to keep her powers suppressed. Eu actually stayed in Tokyo even before she and Ayumu first met, But knowing for how long she was already there is also unknown. When she and Ayumu first met, Eu was in front of a convenience store, and Ayumu attempts to make friends with her, only to be rejected.

She later found Ayumu and rescued him from the unknown serial killer who has been ravaging the town, but with Ayumu almost being near-to-death and unable to survive, she has no choice to use her abilities and turn Ayumu into a zombie.


Eucliwood is one of the main characters who is originally created by writer Shinichi Kimura and and illustrators Kobuichi and Muririn, and she has no information on what inspires the creator to create her at this moment. She first appears in Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? episode 1.

Japanese Voice Actresses

Since Ayumu pictures Eucliwood speaking in a cute voice in his fantasies, Eucliwood has different voice actresses. In episode 11, she speaks for the first time to Ayumu Aikawa. In the OVA, she sings for the first time and then with Haruna who lends her magic to restrain Eucliwood's powers. Her real voice's seiyuu is Midori Tsukimiya, and for Funimation, it is Cherami Leigh.

  1. Episode 1 - Kotono Mitsuishi
  2. Episode 2 - Mika Kanai
  3. Episode 3 - Tomoko Kaneda
  4. Episode 4 - Yuuko Minaguchi
  5. Episode 5 - Satomi Koorogi
  6. Episode 6 - Sakura Tange
  7. Episode 7 - Yuki Matsuoka
  8. Episode 8 - Noriko Hidaka
  9. Episode 11 - Midori Tsukimiya (Real Voice)



Eu has a very child-like appearance. She has straight long silver hair and her eyes are colored blue. She always wears her silver armor, and purple dress underneath. Eu always wears her armor even if she is taking a bath. This is because her armor acts as a suppressor for her abilities.


At first, she may seems as a shy and quite girl due to her not talking all the time, Because of her uncontrollable powers as a necromancer, she communicates without expressions or talking by only speaking to others by writing on a notepad. In fact, she is actually caring and kind-hearted to her friends even to Ayumu whom she was not familiar.

Since her abilities can take a person's life by simply saying the word, "death," she develops a habit of writing what she says and feels to protect her friends. She dislikes people saying the word die without any sense of respect. For example, she slaps Haruna who tells Ayumu to die repeatedly.


Ayumu- A person who she resurrected from the dead after being killed and currently his first housemate. Ayumu has very strong feelings for Eulcliwood which he always depicted in daydreams and acts of kindness. At first, Ayumu tried to show his feeling for her but got rejected. But towards the end of Season 2 it is implemented that Eu may return these feelings.

Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

Due to the fact that she has a immense amount of mana it is already universal that she is powerful enough to kill a person just by saying "Die". But other than that she has other powers that she can use to prevent her from using this method to her opponents.

Eucliwood's actual primary ability is her ability to warp reality or to be specific "Reality Warping". This ability is actually the reason why she can kill a person just by saying it. But other than that, This is her most powerful ability cause she has the power to tamper the strings of fate and alter reality. It is further shown that whatever anything she says becomes a reality, with no certain limits to her powers except Eucliwood's resistance to the side effects of using her powers.

Abilities that she has so far shown are the following:

  • Resurrection: Two people have been revived so far, First being Yoruno and later Ayumu being her second
  • Death Affliction: By saying "Die" Eucliwood is able to instantly kill a person. But with Kyoko, she was able to kill the lives acquired by the rogue Masou Shoujo, whose ability allows acquiring more than one life. However, after constantly reapeating this method, she experiences an intense pain in her head.
  • Healing: She has the ability to heal the wounds of others, but it also comes with a side effect that she also suffers the pain of the person she heals.

Apparently she also has the ability to become a Masou Shoujo and can also use Mysteltainn to transform into one. Other than those abilities it is shown that she is also a great singer.

General Information Edit
Name: Eucliwood Hellsythe
Name: ユークリウッド・ヘルサイズ
Romanji: Yūkuriuddo Herusaizu
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Is this a Zombie? #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Harbinger of Death
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