Etemon’s Come Back Tour

Etemon’s Come Back Tour is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 01/30/2000

Ogremon is being chased by Woodmon when a meteor crashes right on top of him. This attracts the attention of Mimi and Joe as well as Tai's group. Tai immediately wants to investigate the meteor, but T.K. suggests going to Puppetmon's mansion instead. When the group is unable to decide what to do, Izzy suggests a vote. Sora notices that Tai hasn't voted, who is wondering how Matt would vote and has taken it upon himself to look after T.K. in Matt's absence. He finally decides to check out Puppetmon's mansion, but not to look for trouble. Sora expresses doubt, but Tai comforts her by saying that he won't let anyone get hurt. Meanwhile, as MetalEtamon rises from the meteor, Joe and Mimi discover Ogremon, who was injured during his fall. Although Joe wants to leave, Mimi immediately takes charge and tends to Ogremon. Puppetmon then appears and Gomamon digivolves to Zudomon. Puppetmon quickly defeats him, but before he can finish him off, MetalEtemon appears. Puppetmon becomes annoyed and the two megas begin fighting. Seeing their chance to escape, Joe and the others run away. They seek shelter under a tree and Ogremon promises to repay their kindness, as per his code of honor. When Mimi asks why he fights Leomon, Ogremon says it's destiny. When Mimi questions that and says he should have a greater purpose in life, Ogremon becomes upset. MetalEtemon, no longer fighting Puppetmon, then discovers them and they run for a new hiding place. As they're taking cover, SaberLeomon appears and Ogremon prepares to fight.

Tai's group arrives at Puppetmon's mansion. Although Tai initially wants to look around himself, the others convince him to allow them to join him. They attack two of Puppetmon's playmates, Deramon and Floramon, thinking that they are guards. The two digimon admit, however, that they dislike Puppetmon and offer to show them around the mansion. Upon entering, they discover various dangerous toys. When Puppetmon returns from fighting MetalEtemon, the group fires at him with one of his own cannons. Puppetmon realizes that it's the Digidestined and prepares to attack.

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