Esdeath is a anime/manga character in the Akame ga Kill franchise
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A sadistic general who serves as one of Akame Ga Kill!s primary adversaries.


Esdeath was born the daughter of a tribal chief of Partas Clan in a remote, arctic region of the empire. Her mother died at the hand of the Danger Beasts and her father, whom she was close to, impressed upon her the philosophy that only the strong survive, a lesson she took to heart. However, her own father was worried that she might lose something that can't be replaced and he was right as she become a sadist, but her father wanted her to survive in that harsh environment and her becoming a sadist was alright for him. When her clan were annihilated by Northern Tribes her father told her, as he lay dying, that this was simply the outcome of their not having been strong enough and she must live strong. These words strengthened her belief in the survival of the fittest creed. Esdeath personal strength grew further and further as she got older.

She joined the imperial army, where she worked her way up to the extremely high rank of general, and gained a reputation for her ruthlessness and cruelty. She was rewarded for her frequent successes in service of her country and emperor. When it was time for her to chose a Teigu non of those which was presented to her had compatibility with her and she herself didn't felt they suited her. However, when she saw a Teigu, Demon extract that was created using the life blood of an Ultra-class beast that lived in the Northern parts of The Empire, that was sealed off from all other Teigu due to the danger it posed to its user, she felt as it was calling for her and instead of drinking a glass or two from it she drank it all and would have been drove insane if it wan't her strong will that she used to tame the Teigu which gave her the command of ice, and its mark on her chest which was a prof of the Teigu and intensified her bloodlust further. Ever since that day Esdeath was known as the strongest warrior in the empire. Before the start of the story she recruited the imprisoned general Liver into her army as she believed leaving him to root in prison would be a waste. After that Liver become part of her bodyguards The Three Beasts.

When a savages tribes raised to deify the tyranny of The Empire Esdeath and Najenda were tasked to put a stop to this rebellion. Despite succeeding in defeating the her opponents she ordered her army to violate the village while leaving some of the warriors alive to see this in order to plant the seeds of hate so there could be more rebellions so she could fight more battles. She was also tasked with stopping the threat of the Northern Tribes that became strong enough to invade The Empire, a task that gave her the chance to take revenge for her own clan which is highly doubtful to be revenge for her clan and more for her love to fight. After defeating the Northern Tribes she buried 400,000 people alive and broke the pride, spirit and seemingly sanity of there hero, Prince Numa Seika who she killed after having him lick her boot.


Esdeath was created by Tashiro Tetsuya & Takahiro for the Akame Ga Kill manga. She first appears in chapter seven. Her name is a pun on "S desu", a nod to her sadistic nature.

Character Evolution


Esdeath is a tall, attractive woman with very long, blue hair that tends to spread out as it goes further down. She wears a military uniform with a cap, long gloves, and long boots.


Esdeath is well-known for her cold-heartedness, ruthlessness and sadism. She has carried out many atrocities with great relish and apparently no remorse. This doesn't indicate a lack of passion however, as she loves fighting, especially against powerful and driven opponents. This has let her to taking less practical or professional actions in the past, as sometimes rather than wipe enemies out, she will instead defeat them in brutal ways that will encourage her to seek revenge, so that there will be further battles for her later. This would suggest that while she is loyal to the Emperor and the Prime Minister, they aren't her primary concern.

She holds to a creed of survival of the fittest, and feels contempt for those who cannot defend or save themselves. Despite her harsh nature, she does seem to value her subordinates and truly loved her father, even if his death caused her little consternation. She has stated that she treats her troops well to maintain morale and keep them motivated, but there does seem to be some genuine affection for some of them.

She is not beyond feeling love for someone else. This was shown when she wanted to find her true love which ended up to be Tatsumi, whom she is seen blushing like any ordinary woman around him. Tatsumi tried to convince her to join the revolutionary army, the first time she slapped him for asking such a thing and it can be assumed that she would have killed anyone else who would ask her something like that. Despite her love for him she stated that the life and well being of her subordinates take first priority.


She and the Prime Minister have a certain professional respect for one another and the others abilities and seem to enjoy one another's company. However, she isn't sentimental towards him, and doesn't entirely trust him.

Esdeath feels a particular rivalry with Night Raid's leader Najenda, as they used to work together and had a fierce confrontation when the latter defected from the empire. To an extent, Esdeath sees her conflict with Night Raid as a battle of wits with Najenda.

More recently, Esdeath has felt a need to explore the concept of love, and sought an ideal partner for this goal. This turned out to be Tatsumi, who she briefly abducted after finding him in a tournament that she hosted. Esdeath has genuine affection for Tatsumi, but has made it clear she intends to be the dominant partner in the relationship.

Powers & Abilities

Growing up in a harsh environment has given Esdeath incredible physical prowess and considerable willpower. She has demonstrated incredible strength, speed and skill in battle. She favours a thin sword in combat. To add to her already deadly combat ability, she commands the incredibly powerful Demon's extract Teigu, a substance wheich she once ingested and is now part of her blood. She can use this to freeze anything around her, including the air for the sake of making ice constructs. She can freeze living beings either to the extent of shattering or simply incapacitating them. Esdeath is quite talented as she developed her own trump card for her Teigu which is called Mahapadma were she can freeze time and space itself and leave her as the only one who can move. This ability was developed in order not to allow Tatsumi to escape after his escape from Mt. Fake. However, Mahapadma can only be used once a day due to the massive energy it require to use.

She is also a skilled leader who excels in motivating her troops, and has demonstrated solid tactical thinking.

Major Story Arc

Other Media

Voiced by
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Satomi Akesaka
General Information Edit
Name: Esdeath
Name: エスデス
Romanji: Esdesu
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Akame Ga Kill! #2
1st anime episode: Akame ga Kill #5
1st anime movie:
Aliases Esdese
The Empire Strongest Worrier
General Esdeath
Ice Queen
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Attractive Female
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