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Erza is a really cool character. On her first appearance, I thought she would either be super tsundare or thinks to highly of herself. Then...she was weird and funny. As her flaws and silly nature showed throughout episodes she became even more lovely. Her story and triumph are excellent and she is a great character.


AWESOME! Her re-equip is so *Ahem* cooooooool!! It's so awesome. I mean, who else can do that in an anime, she can practically pull out any outfit, and be badass too!


Ok..Here we go.

Grayza - Ok, I can see where a lot of people ship this one are coming from. But there's too much Jerza in the show to counter it. Plus Gruvia. I dont like this pairing, but I'm not crazy over Jerza either. But Erza's cool, she can be independent.

Natza - ...No, I dont see it...It's a brother and sister relationship to me.

Jerza - Well, we are kinda getting shoved down our throats about it...I guess it's ok. But if she had to be with anyone Jellal/Gerard is who I would ship it with.

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You already make this, also there is a Fairy Tail thread you can put this in

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