Erika Furudo

Erika Furudo is a anime/manga character in the Umineko When They Cry franchise
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A detective that comes to Rokkenjima in the fifth game


She fell from a boat and drifted to Rokkenjima, normally she dies, however Bernkastel allowed a miracle and save her to use her as her piece in the fifth game, taking the role of detective that previously was the role of Battler.

She is a polite girl, but with a dark personality who declares herself as an intelectual rapist, she enjoys the mystery genre, and to her means a way to show her superiority over other persons; she can be very cruel and ruthless, and has an enormous amount of pride, to her having to recognize an error or review her theory is the worst of all humiliation. She workship Bernkastel as her master, however Bern doesn't even care about her, and to her is nothing more than a piece of the game.

She can be considered the rival of Ushiromiya Battler, because both seeks for the same objective however they're enemies; Erika only wants to resolve the mystery to destroy the witch's illusion and prove her superiority.

Being Bernkastel piece, she was "created" in her image, so she is also one of the "Rika's kind character in the Umineko Universe", also his name Furudo Erika is a reference to both, Frederica and Furude Rika

Her catchphrase is: Because the existence of X this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika, What do you think everyone?; where X can be anything related to the mystery like the epitaph


She is another of Rika's expy that appear in Umineko, her appareance changed to fit Bernkastel's likes

Major Story Arcs


She appeared in the fifth game, she fell from a ship and ended in Rokkenjima, were she was received politely by the family. At first she seemed to be a normal girl, but she showed to be very intelligent in the dinner, also she had a deviation for the use of chopsticks when eating. Erika also adapted easily to the situation, and fit very well in the environment. When Shannon told the tale of Beatrice Erika showed a disbelief in magic stuff, so she didn't believe in the existence of the witch. Bernkastel revealed to Battler, that she introduced Erika in the game as a detective, Erika normally would have died after falling from the ship, but Bernkastel allowed a miracle and this way Erika survived; also is implied that Erika's name and appearance aren't her original ones, and Bernkastel changed them to fit her appearance.

Erika and the Eiserne Jungfrau
Erika and the Eiserne Jungfrau

With the help of Battler, Erika solved the epitaph, and both discovered the hidden gold, this was all a scheme of Erika to ignite a ferocious discussion of the family, by this point Battler already started to distrust Erika's behavior, as she felt satisfied by seeing the whole family fighting. Erika is portrayed as very knowledgeable of mystery terms, but she is surpassed by Battler in some occasions. When the first twilight occurred, Erika assumed the role of a detective, and thanks to Bernkastel's help, she received the detective proclamation; a conceptual law that allowed her to examinate the crime scene regardless of other people opinion. The family went to Kinzo's study to inform Kinzo about the murders, but they didn't found him in the room, then Erika started to interrogate the family and suspected that Kinzo wasn't really alive. At the same time, a meta-Erika fought against Beatrice and Natsuhi; as Erika was a normal human, she wasn't allowed to use the red truth, but Bernkastel allowed the intermission of the Eiserne Jungfrau, that was summoned by Erika as her furniture; together with Dlanor they cornered Beatrice and Natsuhi, and if it weren't by Battler intermission, they'll probably would end Beatrice.

Frustrated as her theory was destroyed by Battler, Erika started to make excuses in the dinner, showing a high inferiority complex. Later a mysterious letter arrived to the family, Erika and Dlanor discussed about the origin of the letter, however they weren't able to reach a clear conclusion. With the late assassination of Hideyoshi, Erika reached a verdict and pointed Natsuhi at the culprit. This initiated the court of illusions sponsored by Lambdadelta; Erika acted as the accusation, while Beatrice as the defense, however thanks to the detective's proclamation Erika was allowed to do ridiculous acts in favor of the mystery, as covering all the doors and windows of the mansion with duct tape preventing the entrance or escape of any person, also she staid all the night awaken listening to the breathing of the people in the cousin rooms through the wall; at last she vigilated the stairs, registering any person who went or came out of then. Erika's theory was perfect, and not even Battler could disprove it; together with Dlanor, they culped Natsuhi, deny the illusion of the witch leading to Beatrice's death, and almost killed Battler who agonized due to Dlanor's attack.

After the court of illusions ended, Erika and Dlanor hunter all Beatrice's furniture and denied their existence. Bernkastel gave to Erika the title of territory lord of the fragment and the temporal title of Witch of the Truth. But Battler managed to came back, and as he reached the deepest part of the mystery, he became the real territory lord of the fragment. This triggered Erika's rage who couldn't allow her theory to be denied, so she created a conceptual scythe to fight Battler theory but she was surpassed by him, then the previous Beatrice's furniture now Battler's furniture came back and fought against Erika; she couldn't pierce through Ronove's barrier, then she was trapped by one of Gaap's portal, and she ended striked by Virgilia's theory that took the form of a spear, after that the seven stakes of purgatory appeared and pierced Erika with red truths, she wasn't able to retrieve the blue truth of virgilia until she find a way to destroy his argument. Then when Battler unleashed the gold truth, Erika's theory was almost all destroyed, but Erika managed to reorder it to make it possible at the same time that Battler's theory, so it was a tie, however she was mocked and humiliated by Bernkastel, but Dlanor defended her. At the end Battler promised Erika to fought her again in a new game; Erika accepted the challenge and promised to kill Battler.

Powers and abilities

Being the detective she has a sort of investigation skills; she has a photographic memory, so she remembers every detail about a situation, also she has a superior hearing ideal to spy other persons; she is also very smart an knowledgeable about mystery, she creates deduction an theories in a mystery perspective, different to Battler, who created theories in an anti-fantasy perspective. Her investigation skills however can be a bit exaggerated, to the point, that she takes Eva's idea and put duct tape signed with her name in every door and window of the mansion. She also has a conceptual power granted by Bernkastel called the Detective authority, that gives her the permission to examinate completely the crime scene, regardless the opinion of the family.

In conceptual metaphysical battles, being only a human she can only use freely the blue truth, however she can summon his own furniture the Eiserne Jungfrau (Iron maiden), integrated by angels from heaven especialized in witch hunting, the members are Cornelia, Gertrude and their leader Dlanor A.Knox; this furniture uses the red truth in Erika's place giving her the advantage. Lately she is granted by Bernkastel the title "Witch of the truth" gaining this way the range of a witch, allowing her the use of the red truth.

Her weapon of choice is a scythe used to break apart anything that denies her truth, this scythe can be used to attack with the red or blue truth, so is a kind of conceptual weapon also. In sixth arc she is granted with a pistol that only can shot one time, and an efective shoot of this means an efective death; she uses it to state her red truth against Beatrice and Battler in sixth arc.

General Information Edit
Name: Erika Furudo
Name: 古戸 ヱリカ
Romanji: Furudo Erika
Gender: Female
1st manga book: DELETE #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Witch of Truth
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Super Hearing
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