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In a futuristic society where androids and humans live side by side, a virus known as the Cogito sweeps across the city infecting the android residents, allowing them to express personalities and emotions. A series of murders follow, and the Civil Intelligence begin their investigation...


Real Mayer is an agent in the Civil Intelligence Organization, charged with investigating crime in the dome city of Ramdo. Supposedly an emotionless utopia where humans and robots coexist in harmony, Ramdo has been troubled by a series of murders, although Real herself is also troubled by a series of hauntings and attacks by phantoms that urge her to notice that an "awakening" is in progress. A series of psychological dramas soon reveal "an unimaginable truth" related to the world outside the dome. Real meets an immigrant named Vincent Law, who has a mysterious past and hopes to become a full citizen of Ramdo. Is he really the pathetic creatures he appears to be..?

Philosophy References

Ergo Proxy sometimes references philosophers or philosophic concepts by naming certain characters or things after them. For example the statues who help govern Romdo who are first seen in episode 2 are named Husserl, Berkely, Lacan and Derrida, after famous modern philosophers and psychoanalysts. Also, the episodes use the following naming convention: meditatio [episode number] and meditation [episode title]. This is a reference to René Descartes, a French philosopher. He is most known for his work the Meditations on First Philosophy, which begins by calling into doubt everything that he knows and working from there to determine what he actually knows.

Music Themes

Opening Theme

"Kiri" by MONORAL

Ending Theme

"Paranoid Android" by Radiohead

Original US Poster Art

General Information Edit
Name Ergo Proxy
Name: エリゴプラクシー
Romaji: Erugo Purakushii
Publisher Geneon Entertainment, Inc.
Start Year 2006
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