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I initially meant this post to be about manga and anime updates from the week, but i realized that required a considerable amount of research to provide an accurate picture of the anime and manga world this week. Rather i will leave that up to you, the reader. If you happen to be aware of any specific manga and anime updates this week, i would appreciate it if you posted them below, allow the rest of us less inspired persons to none the less stay up to date with the manga and anime world.

Anyway, what i am going to make this post about instead is conveying a basic idea of what anime and manga has been like for me this week. This isn’t merely an attempt to log what exactly it is i am reading and watching. Rather you can look at it as a weekly recommendation page, which is why it would help if you posted what you experienced in the world of anime and manga this week.

You could tell us about the latest chapter of a specific manga you read this week, letting people that might have picked up and dropped that particular series know that things get better, possibly even worse in the future; maybe even encourage otaku that haven’t given the series a try the push they need to give it a chance.

A basic idea of what is happening, especially what got your attention; the manga and anime you encountered this week might help in giving us, who might be ignorant of the title, a better picture of that particular anime or manga. You never know, we might end up giving you some recommendations in return, maybe warn you off a manga that might have been fooling you into liking it, or advising you about which episodes of an anime you should skip, either because they are filler or they are not worth it; maybe even encourage you just as you consider dropping that manga that has began to disappoint you.

Basically, tell us what your week was like in manga and anime, be it good or bad; and that includes anime and manga news.

Anyway, this was me this week:


Anime has been quite slow for me this week, with very little anime titles actually enticing me into reaching out to them. I dislike that, not having an amazing anime to be excited about, which is why i am regretting having rushed through Kaiji. Anyway:

Shingeki no Kyojin: It would be easy for me to say that this week was epic with regards to anime, because i hadn’t watched SNK for several weeks now and actually had 12 episodes to catch up on, yes 12 whole episodes, from episode 9. The fact is because this is SNK i watched it all in one bloody day; you can imagine how much work i got done on Monday. Basically nothing.

None the less it was great to enjoy SNK to the fullest, to watch so much of it that i had pretty much had my fill by the end of the day. Of course the fact that i watched it all in one day doesn’t improve my week, as i had little else to watch.

Anyway, waiting until i had enough episodes to binge on SNK was worth it. THAT FEMALE TITAN…my jaw was hanging from my mouth for the several minutes it took for her to completely and utterly destroy and mangle those squads. And the animation…i had pretty much forgotten why i loved this show so much; the animation with the 3D gear was amazing.

More character and plot development occurred than i expected in 12 episodes, making me wonder if this anime isn’t moving a little too fast. With a monthly manga (the best manga are monthly) i suspect SNK isn’t going to continue beyond season 1. Most likely we are going to get an anime only finale when the anime catches up to the manga, which i suspect will be very soon.

Maybe if we are lucky, they will allow it to continue in the style of Full Metal Alchemist, with a story that diverges from the original. Either way, great show, not only because of the titan, but the introduction of one of my new favorite characters, Hanji, and the phenomenal growth we are seeing in Armin.

Rating:> 10/10

Naruto: Another reason i might find to celebrate this week is Naruto. Ever since the fillers ended, the series has been going strong. I do not expect any episodes from now on to match the epicness of episode 322 and the apocalyptic event that is Madara, but i have to say i am enjoying the tailed beast battles so far.

Poignant this week was the glimpse we got into the world of the tailed beast, particularly the nine tailed fox, allowing us

the opportunity to feel a bit of sympathy for the life it has experienced, and take into consideration the possibility that maybe the Biju are only perceived as evil because of how horrendously humanity has treated them.

I cannot wait to follow this line of reasoning onward. I am yet to watch this week’s episodes, but i am on the edge of my seat for the conclusion of the battle with the monkey. Tobi is proving to be underwhelming so far.

Rating:> 8/10, the flash backs got a little bit irritating.

Ergo proxy: I seriously do not know how long i am going to be able to tolerate this show. Truth be told the only reason i have not dropped it is because of the fairly positive reviews i keep coming across about this series. But really, this show feels like its dragging its feet, and i have only just crossed the half way point of part one. Basically i have only seen scant amounts of this show, yet every time i watch an episode, its end doesn’t leave intrigued enough to watch the next one, which is why i am watching it at a snail pace.

In the last episode i watched this week, the dude in red (whose name i forget) stumbled into a war on the way home. The only memorable thing about it was the appearance of the proxy, the destruction that followed as well as the brief battle between both monsters.

For one thing, the episode seemed ridiculously rushed, the appearance and disappearance of these warring armies seeming like it came out of nowhere. I still have no logical understanding of what the hell the proxy is, despite the fact that it was the first thing to appear in the series. The female lead’s continued surprise over the existence of life outside the dome make no sense. Unless i am mistaken, at no point in the first few episodes was it stated that life only existed within the dome.

The interaction with the weird statues needs to stop; they proffer too many obscure clues and references without actually making any concrete statements or providing us with any solid information about this bloody world. Seriously, this show feels like it is simply dragging. And i had such high hopes for it the first time i watched it a month ago.

Rating:> 2/10

Red Data Girl: I actually just began watching this show, only two episodes which i watched back to back; proving its superiority to Ergo proxy, because nothing about any episode i have watched in that show spurs me forward to watch more; whereas RDG has proved its self more than intriguing in just two episodes for me to commit to it. From what i can understand, a girl named Suzuhara is endowed with strange spiritual powers.

Whenever she comes into contact and tries to use electrical devices they die. She is introduced to a classmate her age named Sagara

Sagara has been forced to move to the region and attend the school to aid Suzuhara, basically as her manservant. Neither of them understands the true nature of their situation or why they have been forced into their current positions. Sagara is fiery and stubborn, displaying open hostility to the shy soft spoken Suzukara, blaming her for his current position and choosing to rebel whenever he gets the chance.

While the story RDG has indeed piqued my interest, especially the last episode i watched when they went to Tokyo, it is Sagara’s relationship with his father that I find most interesting, that is if i am not making too many presumptions about what happened in the first episode, when Sagara’s dad brings him back to the house after he ran away, all bruised and battered, with the somewhat hard to believe excuse about him falling from a mountain.

Rating:> 7/10I am intrigued by this show.


Manga proved to be more fruitful this week, and that might partly have something to do with the return of bleach, which i for one enjoyed.

Divine Bells:

I began reading this Manhwa two days ago and as of the moment i am thoroughly impressed. The style is somewhat similar to Tower of god, which make sense since, if what i read is to be believed, someone involved with the TOG project is involved with Divine Bells as well. Either way i love seeing Manga in color. The story is actually about Divine bells as the title suggests, eight of them granted to the six nations of that world.

Each bell chooses its master and when that master dies, a ceremony is carried out to choose the next successor of the bells. The bells only choose kings and the number of bells each nation owns is used to determine how much power they have, and as such the most powerful nation has three bells. These same three bells have always chosen the same line of emperors from the same kingdom for centuries now.

The story revolves around the smallest nation that has never once been chosen by the bells during the selection ceremony and its very young king. There seems to be a conspiracy. The previous king had a son with a concubine and upon his death, it has been the mission of this illegitimate son’s mother to place him on the throne, going so far as to try and assassinate the young king a year before.

It doesn’t help that the illegitimate son has proved himself to be worthy of the title of king as opposed to the wimpy young king. Note that i am using titles rather than names because this is a Manhwa, and as one would expect, the names are bloody complicated.

Eight chapters in, i am impressed. The manhwa actually reads a lot like a Korean historical drama but with supernatural elements. And the pacing is alarmingly fast. Eight chapters in and we are already learning about the truth behind the Divine bell selection ceremony of kings, the truth of what the bells actually are and catching glimpses of what happened centuries ago when the bells were first fashioned.

I am loving the mystery and intrigue, especially the king’s relationship with his step brother. The young man seems to have no interest in claiming the throne, despite the actions of his mother. This is one of the better manga i have read in a while, not to mention that it is in color.

Rating:> 10/10


This manga had some promise at the start. But i am feeling less than motivated to continue reading it. Basically a young man died and was condemned to hell during the Edo era, has spent his days being tortured under the cruel hand of two of heavens soldiers; until the day he is offered a way out. He will return to earth for 108 days, in that time he is charged with collecting 108 sins using a special sword that can attack the demonic figures that attach themselves to

evil humans and entice them to do evil.

If he can defeat all 108 demons, he will be freed of hell. However the sword feeds on evil and because he is evil, there is a chance that the sword, which is wooden, might consume him and his sin when he activate its power in battle. He is also prohibited from hurting humans no

matter how evil or violent they get, otherwise the wound that killed him, decapitation, will recur, ending his life and sending him back to hell.

This manga is getting boring. Last time i checked up on it, Togari was fighting another serial killer with a specially empowered demon. The art is starting to look a little too sketchy for my tastes. I doubt i will be reading this manga for much longer.

Rating:> 3/10, this is getting repetitive.

Witch hunter:

The problem with witch hunter is what seems to me like a rather sporadic schedule of release, or at least that is what i became used to, so much so that i stopped looking out for new chapters. I only stumbled upon these additional chapters totally by accident while browsing a manga site. Actually i am not even sure whether witch hunter is weekly or monthly.

Anyway i was lucky enough to find five or six chapters already released. These chapters were actually mostly uneventful, basically continuing Tasha’s training from the last time i read the series. It seems though like this is going to be an entire training arc rather than a few chapters, and despite expecting more out of these chapters, they were not as bad as i thought they would be, mostly because of Tasha actually.

Here is the thing, Tasha is the primary protagonist of the series and witch hunter basically revolves around him, it is his decisions that affect the future of this universe. But here is the thing, we have not seen or heard from Tasha i what seems like AGES.

First we had those 15-20 chapters introducing to us Xing’s past and the business with his brothers and time in the empire (or is it Yue, i seriously confuse these three), which were awesome; the best flash back i have ever encountered, anime or manga. But no Tasha here obviously. Then we had that massive war, with witch hunter moving to strike at the witch forces attacking multiple targets around the world, including the Bai long empire.

This event took place over another 20-25 chapters and while i was excitedly anticipating it, it followed a serious battle that hospitalized Tasha ( i think Arthur, the coolest character in the series so far, took cut hand off), meaning we still had epic battles with Xing, Taras and the rest but no Tasha. It kind reminded of that time in Naruto Shippuden when Kishimoto seemed to forget about Naruto’s existence.

Anyway, it was nice to get some chapters solely focused on Tasha. I would have tired of the training if i had read these chapters once a week or even a month. That would be torturous. This wasn’t so bad. And we did get some information regarding Tasha’s relationship with Halloween and how her undying loyalty to him is all but faked by magic.

I would have liked to get a little bit more information regarding the war. We have not seen or heard a peep from the outside world ever since Tasha forcefully and illegally disserted the witch hunter organization. But all in all these chapters were entertaining, not as good as i hoped they would be but not bad.

Rating:> 6/10, less Tasha Vs.Hwan duels next time


Ever since i began reading bleach on a weekly basis i haven’t been able to get enough of it. While this wasn’t the action packed bonanza some hoped it would be, it was still just as entertaining, learning exactly where the Quincy's mysterious home dimension was located. It seems like next week we will be getting some interesting battles.

I do not see Hitsugaya, or really any shiningami gaining any ground seeing as they are unable to use bankai. Still i am excited to see Utakata fight, and of course there is the monster Zaraki, hiding somewhere in soul society. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that his shikai form ate him and is now rampaging across soul society, that or he will spend the next dozen chapters struggling to control his shikai while soul society burns.

Undeniably i am excited to see Ichigo do battle. If there is one thing Kubo has done right in this arc, its managing to get me excited about ichigo, the main character once more.

Rating:> 10/10

Gangsta: A tried this out, gave up after five chapters. It is seinen about a killer swordsman and a male prostitute, both gangsters and hooligans that take on mercenary jobs for the police, eliminating certain criminal elements for a price. They meet a female prostitute during one of their jobs. The swordsman, who is dumb (i mean he cannot speak), can’t bring himself to kill her. She becomes the secretary of their little company.

I failed to get into it, even with its decent art work.

Rating:> 2/10

Soul Eater Not!:

So i enjoyed the soul eater manga finale so much that rather than backtrack and read the previous chapters, i decided to march ahead and check out the author’s newest project, basically a spin off of soul eater taking place a couple of years before the start of soul eater with NONE OF THE ORIGINAL CA

ST. I emphasize that because it was the first thing to put me off.

Getting used to an entirely new cast of characters and class of weapons and meisters proved difficult to me. The entire series is actually more slice

of life than anything; yes, you heard me right, SOUL EATER THE SLICE OF LIFE VERSION, basically following the high school life of some unknown teen that joins DWMA.

I was bored, and the only highlight of the few chapters i read was the the glimpse we caught of Maka giving the new lead a helping hand on the stairs of the school, and black star pummeling someone in the hallway. Other than that i have absolutely no reason to read this series. I mean, really, what the hell did this guy do to soul eater? I get that it is his own series but really?

Actually i get it, Soul eater Not! AS IN ITS NOT SOUL EATER; how clever of him.

Rating:> –5/10

Anyway, that was me this week in terms of manga and anime. There was no Beelzebub this week, which i could live with. Last week’s chapter wrapped the arc up nicely. And fairy tail was, well, fairy tail; nothing really to talk about. Gray and Doriate fought, The art kind of sucked this week.

Anyway Bleach and Attack on Titan stood miles ahead of everything else i came across this week. Soul eater Not! on the other hand irritated me, the worst thing i encountered this week.

What was your week in anime and manga like? And is their anything new, manga and anime, that you would recommend or advise against?

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I just love the deversity of bleach, they an amazing soundtrack (my favorites are those of the spanish guitar) and how the main protagonist at his prime looks like he should be the main villiain of the show.  and every movie they come out with is done with an amazing art style. Now for Ergo proxy its the same,...only that the art in the show doesnt let out its intensity just becouse the ep isnt a big deal . If every one gave Ergo Proxy a chance they'll realize he just as much if not more badass then ichigo in bankai/vizard state.
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